Jerusalem at dusk, view from the Olive Mountain

Jerusalem at dusk, view from the Olive Mountain

No serious scholar today questions the links between the Jews and Jerusalem. History books and artifacts confirm them, and the Bible records the Jews’ presence there for 3,000 years.

That, however, has not stopped UNESCO, the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization, from adopting statements denying any connection between the Jews and the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.

Essentially, UNESCO insists Jerusalem has significance for only one religion, Islam.

In response, the United States and Israel have withdrawn from the organization.

But now a foundation dedicated to the discovery of ancient Jerusalem is offering “empirical proof” of the Jews’ residency in Jerusalem for millennia and challenging UNESCO to “get your facts straight.”

UNESCO’s egregious claims came in steps. It declared the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, believed to be the site of the double tombs of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, and Jacob and Leah – a “Palestinian heritage site.”

And the group said the Temple Mount and the Western Wall had only Islamic links and should be known only by Islamic names.

The UNESCO claims earlier were debunked in a film by award-winning filmmaker Pierre Rehov, whose “Unveiling Jerusalem” project features testimony from “experts, historians and archaeologists” regarding Solomon’s Temple and Herod’s Temple.

Now the City of David Foundation offers its proof.

In a video narrated by its vice president, Doron Spielman, he points out that UNESCO’s pro-Islam position includes a call for excavations there to stop.


Because the artifacts being uncovered daily are “the very artifacts that prove Jewish history.”

He speaks from a structure 3,000 years old, from the time of King David.

Researchers found two clay seals in the ground there with the names Gedaliah son of Pashhur and Jucal son of Shelemiah.

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The significant is that those very lineages are referenced in Jeremiah, chapter 38.

Other empirical evidence includes the Siloam Pool, found in 2004, and the stairs now being excavated that took Jewish pilgrims from the pool to the Temple.

In that tunnel was found a coin engraved “For the Freedom of Zion.”

When that coin was minted, he pointed out, Jews already had been in Jerusalem for 1,000 years, but Islam wasn’t to make its appearance for another 600 or so.

“UNESCO any comments?” he asks. “I thought so.”

“If anyone from UNESCO is out there listening, I encourage you – get your facts straight.”

See the video:

WND reported last week that Shimon Samuels of the Simon Wiesenthal Center warned that Palestinians were continuing to work through UNESCO to claim Jewish heritage sites.

He said next up might be Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity and the ancient Jewish fortress at Betar are among the others that have fallen to Palestinian revisionist history.

President Trump’s administration has been highly critical of the United Nations in general and in particular of its anti-Israel bias. A petition is encouraging Congress and the president to defund the U.N. and expel its headquarters from the U.S.

WND reported a prominent supporter of Israel said the United Nations has turned “delusional.”

Mat Staver, chairman of Liberty Counsel, was responding to UNESCO’s vote on the Hebron site.

“This recent UNESCO resolution is another delusional U.N. decision which disregards the historical truth and the Jewish people’s deep connection to Hebron,” said Staver at the time.

Staver also is president of Christians in Defense of Israel and founder of Covenant Journey, all in support of Israel.

“To refer to Hebron as ‘Islamic’ denies thousands of years of Jewish history as well as Christian ties to the site. The biblical patriarchs Abraham and Isaac, as well as the matriarchs Sarah, Rebecca and Leah are believed to be buried there, and to deny that is another move toward the Palestinian Authority and Hamas renaming the entire land to Palestine and denying Israel’s right to exist,” said Staver.

Sign the petition urging Congress and President-election Donald Trump to defund, discount and deport the United Nations.

Rehov’s trailer is here:


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