Which tweet would best ‘trigger a liberal’?

By Jack Cashill

On Twitter a few days ago, a hash tag was trending that invited viewers to #TriggerALiberalIn4Words.

With a few minutes to kill, I spun out a bunch of tweets, 19 if I count right. Some would be incomprehensible to the average lib, pure inside right-wing baseball. Others were historical.

All, I hoped, would annoy any liberal who understood them. The catch, of course, is the no liberal would follow this trend or read these tweets. These were all written for my fellow conservatives.

What shocked me was the response to these tweets. At least 90 percent of those who either retweeted or “liked” a tweet chose the same tweet.

I would never have guessed in advance which tweet would be singled out. I ask the reader if he or she can pick the one 90 percent of your peers picked.

I will list the correct answer at the end and add a little context. If you guessed right, I would love to see your comment as to why you guessed right.

What follows are the 19 tweets, some admittedly a little lame:

Juanita, Marilyn, Mary Jo

I believe Larry Sinclair

About Andrew Jackson Day?

FDR ordered Japanese internment

Kennedys had King wiretapped

Anita Hill was lying

Hollywood 10 were Commies

Bill Ayers wrote “Dreams”

Trayvon Martin attacked Zimmerman

Yes, Virginia, Gore lost

Neo-Darwinism is a hoax

Republicans won Cold War

JFK was a conservative

Arkancide is not painless

Woodrow Wilson resegregated Washington

Eleanor Roosevelt liked girls

About that waitress sandwich

Doesn’t Chelsea resemble Webb?

Podesta brothers like pizza

To be sure, most liberals and many conservatives would not begin to understand some of these tweets. “Podesta brothers like pizza” comes quickly to mind or, “I believe Larry Sinclair.”

But one tweet just about everyone understood, and it carried the day. That tweet was – drumroll please – “FDR ordered Japanese internment.”

The response completely surprised me. I would have picked “Kennedys had King wiretapped” or “Anita Hill was lying.”

On reflection, however, the selection makes sense. Although there is an argument to be made on behalf of FDR’s decision – Michelle Malkin did just that in her bold 2004 book, “In Defense of Internment” – the left refuses to hear that argument.

So caught up are liberals in anti-Americanism and identity politics they take sadistic pleasure in imagining the worst of their fellow citizens, Democrats included.

Not to burden our liberal friends with facts, but here is what happened. In February 1942, two months after Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066.

The order authorized the secretary of war to designate “military areas” from which “any or all persons” may be excluded.

The order resulted in the exclusion of approximately 112,000 people from these designated areas on the West Coast. Most of these people were first or second generation Japanese. Roughly a third were native Japanese and not American citizens.

Those of Japanese descent made up less than half of those 24,000 aliens forcibly detained as security risks, the rest being mostly German and Italian.

The fate of the 112,000 relocated from the designated areas differed significantly from those interned as security risks.

Although Spartan, the camps to which they were assigned were not punitive. Thousands were allowed to go to college or leave the camps if they had someplace else to go.

The scores of millions of dislocated or interned civilians in Europe and the Far East would have sold their souls for a spot in one of these camps. They didn’t play volleyball at Auschwitz.

At the heart of Malkin’s argument, too extensive to rehash here, is that the threat to the West Coast was perceived to be sufficiently serious as to justify these measures. A liberal Supreme Court would uphold FDR’s decision based on the perceived threat.

There is, of course, a strong libertarian argument to be made against FDR’s actions, threat or no threat. That is not the argument the liberals make. Their preferred explanation for all things unpleasant is “racism.”

Short on historical knowledge and deep in cultural self-hatred, our friends on the left are easily triggered. It took me no more than 10 minutes to think of 19 triggering devices.

Get a group of friends together for an evening, and you could come up with 1,900 more. Beats watching the Oscars.

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