I always assumed the left supported sanctuary cities because so-called “progressives” see a bright and rosy future of voting constituents who will support socialism.

But I got an email from a bona fide lefty who provides the real reason.

J. Bergeron wrote me beginning with this false premise: “I don’t see that you have an interest in conversation – but I did want to comment on your posting ‘Sanctuary cities and the Bible’ – so you left me no choice but to send to this address.”

Heck, I don’t mind debate. I love it. It’s what I live for – even if it’s a column I wrote nearly a year ago.

Mr. or Ms. Bergeron, who identifies as left-wing, thinks my comments miss the point: “I don’t dispute your description of the purpose of ‘sanctuary cities’ in biblical times. Six cities for an area so small may be comparable to the number of sanctuary cities in a country as large as the U.S. … .and clearly, the purpose of the sanctuary city was – generally – to give refuge to people to prevent their deaths. As you point out – it was a different time, with methods of punishment different from the modern era, but the law wasn’t intended to be a deterrent. Their claim was that the law came from g-d – and sanctuary cities were there to protect people who unintentionally violated the law. It didn’t mean the law was not broken. Clearly, you think deterring crime is the purpose of law, which is debatable.”

And here’s the kicker: “If there was actual justice in America – which there isn’t – then sanctuary cities would not be needed.”

Is there perfect justice in America? Of course not. There isn’t perfect justice anywhere on the face of the Earth today. But, the real question should be: “Is there relative justice in America today as compared with other nations in the world?”

Bergeron continues: “Sanctuary cities have a purpose and are relevant in America today to protect people who need protection from murderers and punishers in positions of power. The law enforcers in America are often unjust – if it weren’t true, there wouldn’t be unarmed people being murdered for ‘crimes’ as simple as making a rolling stop at a stop sign (in the state of Texas). If America was an actual democracy – rather than an electoral system that prevents poor and middle classes holding office and being represented in the U.S. Congress, because it’s nearly impossible to run for most federal offices and win without access to millions of dollars – from billionaires who bank-roll candidates who will deliver the legislation that billionaires and businessmen want – over demands of the people in opposition to the interest and needs of the American people.

“If the people had a voice equal to that of the billionaires – often called the 1 percent – America would be the democracy that self-interested hypocrites and liars who run the government claim it is,” Bergeron continues. “If America was a real democracy, there would be equality, as well as justice for the poor. America NEEDS sanctuary cities for its poor and violated – just as much as ancient Israel needed them.”

So, let me get this straight: The purpose of sanctuary cities in America today is to prevent illegal aliens from being systematically murdered by American citizens?

What about the obligation to prevent American citizens – poor and otherwise – from being murdered, robbed and raped by people who have no business in our country, coming here illegally?

The bottom line is, as this writer so eloquently explains, that America is, in the eyes of the left, characterized as hateful and unjust to the very core because it is not a democracy, which was never the intent of the framers of the U.S. Constitution. Instead, they sought to create a self-governing society characterized by limited government and biblical morality.

Illegal aliens – foreign intruders, would be another description one could use – are all victims of this unjust society in which, after 241 years, refuses to turn itself into a democracy, rather than remain one based on constitutional representative government.

Once again, we see the left’s goal is to overthrow the government by any means necessary, including by encouraging law-breaking by non-citizens – even at the expense of innocent citizens.

Do I have this about right?

Yes, but I still think the real goal of the powerful people behind this movement is to flood the country with foreigners so that America loses all connection with its past, its purpose and its unique distinctions under the rule of law and biblical morality.

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