robot working with digital display artificial intelligence

Scientists in Sweden are attempting to make digital copies of the mind files of dead people to permit communication between the dead and living using artificial intelligence through robotics.

Volunteer families are currently being sought for the project, according to a report in International Business Times.

Dr. Michio Kaku, who studied theoretical physics and studying the strong force, the weak force, gravity and electromagnetism says it is possible to create an exact robotic replica of a dead person if their personality has been downloaded into a computer as an avatar.

These avatars would contain memories and personality that will help to communicate with relatives as if they were still alive. Kaku said that they would, in effect, become immortal.

At a conference in Lisbon recently, the 76-year-old Stephen Hawking told the audience that humans must know how to control computers as AI is associated with incredible risks.

Earlier, Tesla’s Chief Executive Musk had called AI humanity’s biggest threat. But his company is working on a developing “neural lace” technology, called Neuralink, which implants tiny brain electrodes, which would be capable enough to upload and download thoughts.


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