4 sets of swamp creatures that must go down!

By Larry Klayman

It’s time that the persons most responsible for the jihad against President Donald Trump, his family and others associated with him be held to legal account. Some of these characters sit in high positions in our government and on the courts, while others slither around the political gutters of Washington, D.C. Indeed, there is an evil cloud hovering over our nation’s so-called capital, filled with the stench of hypocrisy, dishonesty and outright illegality that is snuffing out our body politic. If it is not quickly remedied, I predict that the republic has only years to continue to exist as we will collapse under our own weight of deceit, going the way of ancient Rome and Greece.

In this column, I will list these bad actors in order of importance. Through their actions and inactions, they should be the first to be among those traitors fully held accountable.

First, and most obvious, are former Federal Bureau of Investigation directors Robert Mueller and James Comey, two dishonest bipartisan hacks who, through their actions, are doing the bidding of the establishments of both major political parties. In essence, the ever-expanding investigations by the special counsel, which this week we confirmed know no bounds with the raid on the offices and home of the president’s lawyer Michael Cohen, are designed to remove Donald Trump from office or, at a minimum, grind his presidency to a halt. Comey, who triggered these investigations with his actions too numerous to repeat here, is Mueller’s co-conspiratorial evil twin. As if their lawless actions are not bad enough, Comey is now even attempting to profit from the treason he has wrought on the nation by hawking his cheap “fake news” book – leaks from which have been published just in the last days.

Second in line to be carted off is none other than our cowardly and worthless attorney general, Jeff Beauregard Sessions, a public servant and former politician so afraid of his own shadow that I can picture him crouching under his desk in his palatial Justice Department suite. As Mueller, Comey and their fellow legal barbarians in the special counsel’s office scale the gates of the Justice Department, as the figurine of Lady Justice disingenuously adorns its exterior on Pennsylvania Avenue, Sessions hides from sight, too paralyzed to take action either to remove Mueller or order him reigned in, for fear Mueller may seek to indict Sessions for alleged Russian collusion, obstruction of justice and lying to Congress about his initially undisclosed meetings with the Russian ambassador in his Senate office.

Third, there is Sessions’ deputy, the slippery “nebbish” who goes by the name of Rod Rosenstein. The former U.S. attorney from Maryland under President Obama, Rod, who he is affectionately called by the inner establishments of the Republican and Democratic parties – both of whom would like to see the president taken down as he threatens their gravy train – is your typical so-called career appointee. His motto is placate both sides of the street, never side with anyone as this could check future career advancement in the swamp of D.C., and always do what is best for yourself. This explains why he refuses to oversee the runaway special counsel investigations and how it came to pass that he not only participated in the use of the phony Steele dossier to illegally wiretap the Trump Tower, but just this week had “happily” signed off on the raid on the president’s lawyer’s office and residence. Rosenstein, whom I have decided now to call Frankenstein, given his brain-dead complicity in all of this, is the poster boy of what is wrong in our collapsed system of justice. He embodies the Deep State that is taking down the republic.

Fourth, there are the federal judges who rubber-stamp all Mueller wants. Ask yourself, why is it that these ‘”judicial disgraces,” most of whom are Clinton and Obama appointees, have failed to serve as a check to the tyranny being meted out daily by the special counsel? In this regard, while I have filed complaints and written letters asking them to investigate Mueller’s constant criminal leaks of grand jury information, all of which is patently illegal and intended to destroy the president regardless of whether he will be indicted and/or impeached and convicted, they sit back in their protected chambers playing with the future of our country.

These federal judges have the power to stop these criminal leaks and hold Mueller and his leftist prosecutorial staff legally accountable for this and other abuses. Most notable among these judicial hacks is the chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, Obama appointee Beryl Howell, who sits over Mueller’s D.C. grand jury. Another, as I have pointed out before, is the “Dishonorable” Amy Berman Jackson, who has given Mueller license to terrorize the president’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort to coerce him into telling incriminating lies about Trump to bring him down.

I could list many other federal judges on this court who are complicit in the coup d’etat now being waged by the bipartisan establishment, and in future columns I will certainly “out them.” What really sticks in my craw is that these federal judges have taken a solemn oath to preserve and protect the Constitution and instead are bent on politically trashing it to further the missions of those that got them their jobs.

In short, fellow patriots, the republic, “one nation under God,” currently finds itself on a steep cliff, and these bad actors, through their actions and inactions, are pushing We the People off this fatal precipice. It’s time we fight back – and that is why I urge you sign my petitions to support our cases, which seek the removal of Mueller, Sessions, Rosenstein and other conspirators. Go to www.freedomwatchusa.org. Please also urgently inundate the White House with emails and letters demanding that I be appointed a second special counsel.

If the president fearlessly appoints me special counsel, I pledge my honor and life that I will legally eliminate these swamp creatures and send the nation back onto the path of freedom and liberty conceived of on July 4, 1776, in my birthplace of Philadelphia.

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