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Is 1 of the big continents splitting in 2?

Twitter image (Note the man’s figure in the top center of the image)

Alarming reports are coming out of Africa that a 50-foot-deep crack that has developed in the earth across many miles actually could end up – eventually – splitting the continent into two parts.

The crack has appeared along Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, and runs from Somalia, in the northeast part of the continent, hundreds of miles down to South Africa, they say.

CBS explained it opened “suddenly” and “many scientists believe it could end up breaking Africa’s continent apart.

The Washington Examiner say scientists suggest it is an indication of tectonic plate movement.

CBS quoted Smithsonian geologist Ben Andrews with the comment, “We’re seeing a crack that in all likelihood formed over many thousands of years or hundreds of thousands of years.”

Denying the obvious concern that those in that region have, commenters followed the CBS report with a variety of opinions, including “This is horrible. We should restrict gun sales in the U.S.” and “Well, this is alarming. Winged demons coming out of there?”

A video from the Daily Nation reveals the extend of the development, as well as the problem it’s creating by severing roads.

Others have suggested the rift is nothing more than the result of unusual rainfall and drought patterns.