British police interrogated a mother, under threat of arrest, after she tweeted her opinion that it’s wrong to change a person’s sex characteristics, which she said amounts to castration for males.

In a statement on the website for HandsAcrossTheAisleWomen, Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull writes she is waiting for word from the Crown Prosecution Service in the U.K. on whether she will be charged for stating her opinion.

She was reported to police by Susie Green, the CEO of the pro-transgender Mermaids UK, who took her 16-year-old son to Thailand for “sex-reassignment” surgery in 2010.

The Christian Institute explained West Yorkshire police took up the case only “after undergoing training from Green’s organization.”

Keen-Minshull’s tweets last year were blunt.

Criticizing a pro-transgender campaign by Magnum Ice Cream, she wrote: “Dear @MagnumIceCream you do know the CEO of Mermaids took her son to Thailand at 16 to be castrated right! Transing kids is abuse.”

U.K. law prohibits sex-reassignment procedures for those under 18.

“Keen-Minshull finds it ludicrous she is being investigated by the police, saying: ‘I am not part of a grooming gang or paedophile ring, I haven’t hurt anyone or abused anyone. I am a woman with an opinion,'” the Institute report said.

After police underwent Green’s training, they told Keen-Minshull “if she refused to be interviewed, she would be arrested,” the institute reported.

CPS has yet to announce whether there will be charges.

On the Hands website, Keen-Minshull recounted the 40 minutes of police interrogation for her comments.

“I have not deleted any of these tweets and anyone is free to view them. They are not malicious, they were not false, the purpose is to inform and to challenge the current pro trans ideological climate,” she wrote.

“The potential charges are nuisance, public order, malicious communications compounded with a potential hate crime,” she said.

“This fight is not whether you agree with my views on transgender issues as much it is that you agree that I have a right to air my views, a right to voice an opinion, a right to free speech,” she pointed out.

She recounted how a policeman first contacted her and demanded the questioning.

“He also, rather troublingly, said I was a test case. He joked about this new ‘human rights’ fight and compared it to both gay rights and black rights, I explained that lesbians had never asked to be called straight and black people didn’t want to be white both fights were about the dignity and respect as human beings and equal rights. Trans rights are not the same, these activists seem to want to gas light us all into saying black is white,” she wrote.

The next time the offier called, when he “wasn’t quite so friendly,” he said “if I tried to leave the country I would be arrested, that if I was pulled over whilst driving I would be arrested and that if the local force had to come to my house to arrest me that I would have to wait some time in the cells as he would have to come down to Wiltshire from West Yorkshire,” the mother said.

The court papers revealed, she said, that the “main gripe Susie has is that I refer to castration in my tweets about her son.’

“It is not news to those who are familiar with Susie Green that she did take her son to Thailand at sixteen to get SRS surgery which involves castration, clearly. Jackie Green’s own words as detailed in the Daily Mail. ‘I was prescribed ‘blockers’ by a doctor in Boston when was I was twelve.'”

During the interrogation, she said, the “hate crime officer put to me, with his terrible lower jaw of crowded teeth, ‘you are factually incorrect about sex reassignment surgery, this does not involved castration.’ I held a smile behind my steely expression and replied ‘no comment.'”

She continued: “I will not kowtow to an ideology that demands I cannot speak the truth. I will not be compelled to say a man is a woman, or that sterilizing children is okay, that encouraging kids who don’t fit in or who struggle with their identity that a good solution is puberty blockers and cross sex hormones and a life time of drugs. I will not pretend that I think a charity courted by the police, children’s charities and even the royal family is one with great outcomes for all children it touches. I will not pretend that a woman who circumvents UK law to give her son treatments not allowed in the UK is right or good.”


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