University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library (Photo: U of Utah)

University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library (Photo: University of Utah)

If you’re a college student stressed out over the class deadlines and final exams, the University of Utah has a plan to help you eliminate your anxiety: Just lock yourself in this dark closet for 10 minutes, cuddle a stuffed animal and cry it all out.

(Photo: Twitter)

(Photo: Jacks/Twitter)

That’s right. The Marriott Library on the Salt Lake City campus has reportedly installed a small closet with a sign posted on the door outlining the rules:

  1. Knock before entering
  2. Only one person in the closet at a time
  3. Limit your time in the closet to no more than 10 minutes
  4. Turn lights and timer off before leaving
  5. Use #cryclosetuofu if posting on social media
(Photo: Jacks/Twitter)

(Photo: Jacks/Twitter)

The tiny closet comes equipped with a pile of stuffed animals for students who may want to cuddle one during their cry session.

(Photo: Jacks/Twitter)

(Photo: Jacks/Twitter)

A Twitter post by Jackie Larsen revealing the cry closet on April 24 has gone viral with more than 150,000 retweets and at least 430,000 likes.

After some people apparently grew concerned that university funds were being spent on the cry closet, Larsen, who identifies herself as a PhD student at the University of Utah, added, “A point of clarification: this was designed and built by a student and cost nothing to the student body or the school, so for everyone bitching about the use of school funds, pls rest easy.”

Some Twitter users expressed support for the idea:

  • “I really love the idea of the because college is stressful. I’m an educator & that sounds like an amazing idea for the elementary/high school level too.” – Teddisha Ashley
  • “I stayed 11 mins but feel so much better thank you to whoever built this. Can we add a box of tissues please? Xo ” – Gemini
  • This is actually really cool and’ll help out so many people.” – Shadowhull
  • “Not perfect but nothing is. What a great way to start the journey to emotional maturity and stability.” – Kozette Feaster
  • “It’s crazy how many people are saying it’s not okay to cry. It’s 2018. Showing emotion is OK. ” – Jordan

Jana Cunningham, the school’s communications specialist, told Fox 13 in Salt Lake City that the cry closet is intended to help students who are stressing over finals.

“It’s a great place to just come and decompress, and that’s really what it’s for,” she said.

The university plans to remove the closet Wednesday, when final exams have ended.

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