Caren Z. Turner, former aide to Hillary Clinton, argues with police

Caren Z. Turner, former aide to Hillary Clinton, argues with police

An former Hillary Clinton campaign aide and commissioner for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is getting shredded online after a video was posted of her exhibiting what critics politely described as “elite privilege” in an encounter with two police officers.

Caren Z. Turner, 60, resigned her Port Authority position after an investigation was launched into what officials called “profoundly disturbing conduct,” including unleashing the F-bomb at an officer for the Tenafly, New Jersey, Police Department.

Two officers had conducted a traffic stop on Easter weekend and found the car’s Nevada registration had expired. Turner’s daughter was a passenger in the back seat and was not cited, but the officers ordered the car towed shortly after Turner arrived.

Here’s video of the highlights of Turner’s performance:

Video shows Turner flashing her badge, citing her friendship with the mayor, influence with high officials, 20-year residency, supervisory capacity over 4,000 police officers and much more. She boasts the people in the car are Ph.D. students “from MIT and Yale,” and that the officers have ruined their weekend.

While expressing displeasure with her aggressive demeanor, the officers remained composed throughout the encounter.

See the full tantrum:

The confrontation too place March 31 along Route 9W in Bergen County, New Jersey, March 31.

On social-media comment sites, including YouTube, where video of the exchange has been viewed 400,000 times already, there were a few accusations of “white privilege,” a smattering of defense for Turner and a couple of anti-cop comments.

The overwhelming majority, however, skewered her for “elite privilege.”

Zerimor 6ren wrote, “‘I’m rich and powerful how dare you pull over my kid’ is all I got outta this.”

Mal Lowman added: “Glad she weeded herself out. Think how much damage she would have caused for people in her position. Daughter should be proud. She probably called mommy for help and helped her los[e] her job.”


From Joe Easley: “I’m surprised she didn’t pull out her Friends of HILLARY card and prove she and all of those kids are above the law.”

Alfonso Gomez: “She sounds like the crackhead I saw outside the donut shop this morning.”

Shaun B: “Typical entitled jersey democrat…”

MKK Properties: “Just like the Clinton’s, she thinks she’s ABOVE THE LAW!!!”

Big Jake: “If she had been arrested for Interference, would she have been able to exercise her right to remain silent?”

Felix Leiter: “Yenta ! Bwaaaa another Clinton snowflake bites the dust”

Patriot 1776: “Do you know who I am!?!?!? Cuff her up Danno!”

Caren Jessup: “Hillary’s “above the law” team.”

Zach hm: “She sounds so progressive!”

BIGBOYKDOG: “The liberal force is strong with this one.”

From NuclearGrizzly: “How dare those pigs not recognize her sense of liberal privilege. I’m pretty sure that’s racist or something.”

Mark Barone: “Typical politician. Laws don’t apply to them. Cameras have proven to be the only counter to their abuses. Kudos to the police for properly and politely doing their duties.”

Agul2001: “I am from Tenafly, and all I can say is ‘Thumbs up for Tenafly PD and those 2 officers!'”

Fmx Watchdo: “Big time Clinton donor also, typical angry, entitled liberal.”

lenlu007: “And why wasn’t she tased exactly?….”

Christopher Tucker: “The policeman is excellent his calmness really highlighted her shocking behavior. “

andy kaufman: “Thank God Hillary lost. That woman, and many more like her would be running the country. This is one of the best examples of a liberal elitist: She expected to make the criminal conduct of the driver and passengers go away by stating her job title, and by telling the officer that the occupants were Ivy League students. The best part was when she said they were crying! hahahaha, what a bunch of entitled, spoiled wimps.”

Mesk871: “What a shame. These cops obviously don’t understand that they can’t go around treating this obviously royal family like the rest of us rabble.”

jimmyhd1969: “She needed a car to travel? She sounds like she should be traveling by broomstick!”

The London Daily Mail called the video “remarkable.”

“The video was posted by NJ Advance Media a week after Turner abruptly resigned her position as a commissioner for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey,” the report said. “The resignation was prompted by an internal investigation into ‘profoundly disturbing conduct,’ the agency said.”

The vehicle originally was stopped because the front windows were tinted, and the officers then discovered the lack of registration, the report said.

New Jersey is one of several states that prohibit tinted windows in the front, unless there’s a medical condition that makes it necessary for the driver, the Daily Mail said.

The driver and other occupants of the vehicle were not identified, but the driver apparently had a valid license.

The video shows Turner trying to shove her ID at the officers as soon as she arrives.

“I don’t need that,” an officer says. “You’re just here as a ride, right?”

She unleashes: “No, I’m not. I’m here as a concerned citizen and friend of the mayor. I’ve been living in Tenafly for 20 years. I take full responsibility for them. What is the reason they were pulled over?”

The officer explains he’s already provided all the information to the driver, but Turner demands that the officer answer to her.

At one point an officer asks her to “take a step back” as she continues to move toward him.

Turner was named to the board by former New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie, and she served on a finance committee for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.


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