President Obama and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Ex-President Obama and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

A popular web TV host, online editor and commentator is being punished by Facebook for reporting that he was threatened with physical violence.

Yes, the man who was threatened with the statement, “come here I will break your mouth” is being suspended by the social-media giant for reporting the fact that he was threatened.

The threat was made against, and ultimately reported by, Jamie Glazov.

He’s the son of Russian dissidents who fought the “Evil Empire” and now works to protect the freedoms established in the West, as well as the defense “of all peoples persecuted by totalitarianism throughout the world.”

“I am able to engage in this fight in my role as editor of David Horowitz’s and as the host of the web TV show, ‘The Glazov Gang,” he explained.

He also holds a Ph.D. in history with a specialty in Russian, U.S. and Canadian foreign policy, and runs his own site,


Glazov reports he was threatened as part of a conversation with a commenter on his site who identified himself as Muhammad Irfan Ayoub, and then was suspended for seven days by Facebook for pointing out the threat, and asking Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg, “Is this unsafe to the community Mr. Zuckerberg?”

“Jamie’s crime is posting/reporting on his Facebook page a physical threat that was made to him personally on his FB page by a member of the Religion of Peace,” a report on his site explains.

Ayoub, the report explains, was scolding Glazov for “daring to bring attention to the persecution of women and girls under Shariah and telling Jamie to convert to Islam.”

Ayoub warned “Allah will defeat you,” to which Glazov responded by asking how this punishment from Allah was synonymous with Islam being a religion of peace.

“Ayoub explained that there is only peace for those who obey Allah and his prophet, but for those who do not, there will be no peace.”

When Ayoub posted “I am alone enough to you . come here I will break your mouth,” Glazov responded by posting a comment about the threat.

“The next day, on Sunday, April 15, 2018, Facebook notifed Jamie that he was now being punished with a seven day ban for the post he made asking Mr. Zuckerberg about whether or not Ayoub’s threat is unsafe to the FB community,” the report explains.

The Glazov site report continued, noting that FB did not respond further, “It is now obvious that the rule is at Facebook: If a member of the Religion of Peace threatens to break a kafir’s mouth, that is safe for the FB community and the kafir obviously deserves the threat because he is violating Islamic blasphemy laws in some way. And the kafir must be punished if he reports or complains about the threat.”


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