Former Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, will be sentenced Tuesday following conviction on 23 felony counts related to using charitable donations for personal and campaign expenses.

Wait a minute! Didn’t Hillary Clinton do that?

Oh, yes, in spades, but I digress.

I’ve known Steve for many years. There’s not a corrupt bone in his body. Don’t believe anything else you read about this case anywhere – including Fox News, which hung him out to dry.

Steve went to Washington to do one thing – defeat the Deep State.

There’s an old saying about the feds: If they want to get you, they have an unlimited budget and unlimited power to do so. Knowing what we now know in more graphic detail than ever before, are you surprised?

For the record, the convictions include money laundering, mail and wire fraud, making false statements to the Federal Election Commission, a count of “conspiracy” and a count of filing a false tax return.

I haven’t talked to Steve, who is in lockup awaiting sentencing. But, according to his lovely and loyal wife, Patti, he’s doing fine under the circumstances, which I am gratified to hear.

In a letter to friends and family (I’m not sure which group I belong in. I feel like both), she wrote: “First let me say that many of you are more broken over this than am I.  Not because my heart is hard, but because Steve and I have experienced this ordeal for four years of investigation; hauling friends, acquaintances, and family members before multiple grand juries; finally arrest and indictment March last year; then dragging out of this case development and three weeks of jury trial. Thus, we were prepared for the very worst possible outcome.”

Typical Patti. Great marriage.

“I believe God, in His mercy, also prepared us for this with my experiences of being separated from Steve twice now, when he was in Congress and I was here, a decade during which I was stuck at NASA headquarters in D.C. and Steve was largely down here, then so much time of him traveling for long stints since he’s been out of Congress. So, I’ve had long durations of being on my own. Didn’t understand why God allowed that, but now I know – it was to, in large part, prepare me for this.”

It seems Steve has already made lots of friends – guards, warden, doctors, nurses, staff. He’s one of the friendliest, most down-to-earth guys I ever met. Everybody’s laughing because Steve is as funny as any stand-up comic you ever heard.

Patti was just happy to see him laughing.

“After a moment of pain, we had a wonderful visit,” she related. “Steve had a rough start at that facility health-wise, but things seem to be under control now. He’s been furiously writing things he’s been wanting to write for several years now and is excited about how easily it is just pouring out of him.”

Someday, we’ll get the whole story, it seems. But not today or tomorrow, for sure.

“When I left, I had the opportunity to have a friendly chat with the two guards,” Patti wrote. “We laughed together, and I thanked them for ministering to Steve with Christian music. So, I left most encouraged. Steve is Steve, planning the continued fight to prove his innocence and expose the injustice he’s experienced throughout. (They’ve kicked the wrong dog.)”

Patti’s last words: “Please continue to pray for Steve’s safety, health, his attorneys’ expedition of a successful appeal of his confinement during this period, as well as at least a loosening of restrictions on him – most notably limitation to only one one-hour visitation per week. Pray for my rest and restoration, my ability to continue to accomplish support of Steve and the actions I need to take, but the ability to be effective back on my job again. Your prayers have sustained us and God has graciously answered, just not necessarily exactly as we had hoped. Our God is faithful!”

Yes, He is, Patti. Keep the faith!

If you want to learn more about the entire ordeal, visit the website.

In closing, let me say I hope President Trump pardons Steve Stockman like he pardoned Scooter Libby.

I can’t say any more. I’m too choked up.

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