James Woods (Twitter)

James Woods (Twitter)

WASHINGTON – Maybe Hillary asked for this one.

From now on, before she makes a statement, she might try considering how actor James Woods might respond on Twitter.

Friday’s editions of the New York Times, contained an article headlined: “They were never going to let me be president.”

Yes, Hillary really said that. Perhaps worse, it’s a quote in the new book, “Chasing Hillary” by Times staff writer Amy Chozick – and it’s even worse in context.

“I knew it,” Hillary is quoted as saying. “I knew this would happen to me. They were never going to let me be president.”

When Woods saw that, he came up with one of his masterpiece responses, currently being re-tweeted thousands of times across the Twitter universe.

“You couldn’t beat 1.) a dope-smoking block party organizer. 2) a dandruff ridden old Commie from Vermont. 3) a reality TV host. It’s not ‘they’ who stopped you, Honey Bunny, it’s YOU!”


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