Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Something terrible is happening in America that could very well tear the country apart: The left and its “resistance” are so desperate to be rid of President Trump that they won’t ever admit defeat, and their anger will lead to more anger and unrest across the nation.

That’s according to talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh, who revealed his concerns during his Wednesday show.

Limbaugh argued that the Democratic Party he grew up with no longer exists. Rather, he said, it’s been taken over by the “radical left, which is literally resisting everything.”

“[T]hey are refusing to acknowledge and tolerate and deal with the fact that they lose elections now and then,” he told his listeners. “We’re getting to the point that they will not accept losing. They will not tolerate others winning and are not going to go away until they can tear all that down. This is really serious stuff if you ask me.”

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While some might say the “resistance” movement is just another case of Democratic opposition, Limbaugh doesn’t believe that’s the case. He said he’s hearing from Americans who are very concerned about what it’s doing to the country.

People have an awareness, a sensitivity that something’s amiss here, something’s awry, and it isn’t good. … We had divisions in World War II. We had disagreements. We had competing ideologies. We had competing political parties. But back then, losers lost, accommodated. They tried to figure out what they did that went wrong with the voters and tried to correct and become winners the next time around.

There was an implicit, applied agreement that we were all in this together and that, regardless of differences, there was a singular thing that bound us together. And that is we’re all Americans, and that counted for something. That meant a lot. American was the greatest place on earth. America is where everybody wanted to come to be the best they could be, to make the most of their lives. It still is. But it’s changing.

If something happened today akin to World War II, I don’t know that we have anything that binds us together as a country anymore — and this is more than just my saying that we don’t have any common ground to reach across the aisle and come to agreements with people.  I don’t really know what binds us together with the radical left, which is taking over the Democrat Party.  They’re not a fringe.  They’ve been fringe for most of the last 50 years, but they are now the mainstream of the Democrat Party.

Limbaugh said the resisting groups are not proud of being American. In fact, they believe America is the real problem in the world, not the solution.

As for the claims of Donald Trump’s alleged “collusion” with Russia, Limbaugh said the real goal has always been to be rid of the president.

“I really believe that the effort of all of these different elements of the pursuit of Trump has been designed to drive Trump’s approval numbers down to the thirties and hopefully the twenties,” he surmised. “I think they have also wanted to drive Donald Trump insane. I think they want to make him sick. I’m talking physically, mentally ill. I think they want to do it.”

The talk-radio host said the “resistance” has no evidence of a crime and cannot show he’s guilty of anything. But that hasn’t stopped them.

“They just keep making it up. They keep applying the pressure — and when one vein bottoms out and fails, they open a new one,” Limbaugh said. “They do not accept being rejected. They do not accept that they are failing. They keep going on their objective of destroying Donald Trump. Now, what is this doing to the country as they do this?”

Limbaugh claimed the left had originally believed it would be rid of President Trump within six months of the date he took office. But that didn’t happen. So they sought to drive his approval ratings down to 20 percent to “get rid of him.”

“There isn’t any evidence that Trump cheated [in the presidential election],” he said. “All there is is Trump and the fact that they hate him, and they’re angry that they lost. And now these baseless allegations that he’s unsophisticated, unfit, and by virtue, so are all of you who voted for him. It has been a ceaseless, a never-ending personal political assassination that is underway to this very day.”

Limbaugh said special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of alleged “collusion” between Trump and Russia has “failed.” After 18 months, he said, there’s still no real evidence that Trump committed a crime or otherwise cheated during the election.

Despite there being no evidence, what’s the left doing? Mounting new charges out of thin air, indicting new people, bringing new people that had nothing to do with anything in and putting them under the microscope to destroy them.

They call this the resistance, but this isn’t resistance. We’re so far beyond resistance now. These people are doing much more than resisting. They are literally turning the law upside-down. They are ignoring the law when it applies to them. They are accusing people who have not broken the law of having broken the law and forcing those people to either cop pleas or defend themselves, and in the process, go broke and lose their homes, destroy their families. All of this on no evidence that anything of the original charge that the election was tampered with and is therefore illegitimate; there’s no evidence for it.

The anger and frustration of the “resistance” is growing worse, he said, and “it gets more insane each and every day.”

“Where this is headed, folks, resistance isn’t gonna be enough,” Limbaugh warned. “Because resistance is not gonna get them what they want. And they’re not gonna stop. They don’t accept defeat. And when I say don’t accept defeat, I don’t mean in an intellectual sense, refusing to say, ‘Oops, we lost.’ It’s worse than that. It is that defeat is not possible. Defeat is intolerable. …

“None of this is any good. It’s gonna lead to more unrest. It’s gonna lead to more anger,” he warned. “And in the process, these people are tearing the country apart, which, by the way, is also an objective.”


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