It appears the Mueller investigation is winding down. The search for the rare Russian Collusion election birdie has turned up only a few lost Democratic canaries, chirping away in the ether.

The only collusion was within the FBI, which desperately wanted to rid itself of a duly elected president, in favor of a woman some of them had prostituted themselves before for years and years.

Those FBI canaries will now have their chance to sing. Both the House of Representatives and the FBI inspector general have requested criminal prosecution of those FBI personnel with a “higher loyalty” to Mrs. Clinton than the nation.

Oh, my! Criminal trials of former FBI Director James Comey, former AG Loretta Lynch, former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, FBI agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. Then the long, repetitious drip, drip, drip, from court documents being filed over the summer, moving to a drum roll as the midterm elections near, with victory for the Dems vanishing into the electoral ether. The Blue Wave turns out to be a riptide, with even further losses for Democrats in the House and Senate.

“Natasha, Quick! What can we do?”

“Boris, you numbskull! We sue them in court! We leak our own narrative!”

Meanwhile, Rocky the Squirrel bounces back and forth between the White House, Mar-a-Lago and his golf courses with a security detail and world leaders in tow. Then he visits capitals around the world: Calming Middle East conflicts, uniting North and South Korea as non-nuke powers, fixing bad trade deals with China, busting the great climate greenback shakedown and rolling up the welcome mat of hundred-dollar bills Obama had laid along our borders to “fundamentally transformation” America into a basket case.

The presstitutes are beside themselves, because no matter where they sit their guests and co-anchors are as rabidly anti-Trump as they are. “News? We don’t need no stinkin’ news! Get Squirrel!”

Welcome to the fruits of eight years of Bush and eight years of Obama. Education from kindergarten to graduate school is a cesspool, devoid of a shred of intellectual diversity. The entire curriculum is “Get Squirrel” and more handouts for everyone, everywhere, but especially those in school! Tuition debt over four years for a couple would often buy a starter house someplace that had jobs, perhaps in that awful flyover country they so despise. Instead, all the victims of “higher education” have is a diploma in slavery reparations with a minor in “Get Whitey.”

Bad news for these folks. The midterms will not return the Demtards to power. They face historic losses, along with further viewership declines among their media conspirators. Kids are out of school over summer. Families take vacations. When they look around they will see that the world is already better, despite the media braying for Trump’s demise.

“Gee, Dad. I got a job offer to set up PCs at small, growing business. They’ll even pay part of my student loans for each year I stay there!”

“Welcome to the real world, Son. I’m glad you made it!”

Coming soon: Earth’s Final Kingdom pre-orders!

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