President Trump (Photo: White House)

President Trump (Photo: White House)

Erick Erickson, a journalist who runs the website The Resurgent, claims a GOP congressman went on a anti-Trump tirade, calling the president am “evil, really f—ing stupid Forrest Gump” and proposing that Republicans impeach him.

Erickson said the encounter took place in the aisles of a Safeway grocery store, and the unnamed congressman who unloaded on Trump regularly appears on Fox News and is a public defender of the president.

“If we’re going to lose because of him, we might as well impeach the motherf—er,” the congressman reportedly told Erickson, who wrote about his experience with “[one] of the president’s congressional defenders” who “has privately decided he hates Trump and wants to unload.”

“The congressman did not want to be seen with me on Capitol Hill,” Erickson wrote in his post headlined “A congressman’s profanity laced tirade in a Safeway grocery store.” “He needed to get some stuff anyway and decided he’d let me walk with him through the cereal and dairy selections at the Safeway near my hotel.”

Erickson says the congressman “was never a die hard supporter” but did back Trump in the general election:

He is not happy with President Trump. He was never a die hard Trump supporter. He supported him in the general and never expected him to win. But he did. So the congressman, whose district Trump won, has been a regular supporter on Fox News and elsewhere defending the President. He is happy to be quoted, so long as I don’t name him. He says he just needs to vent. I suggest what we’re doing is one of the reasons Trump won — a congressman says nice things in public and bad things in private.

The congressman reportedly continued:

He may be an idiot, but he’s still the president and leader of my party, and he is capable of doing some things right. But dammit, he’s taking us all down with him. We are well and truly f—ed in November. Kevin [McCarthy] is already circling like a green fly circling s–t, trying to take Paul’s [Ryan] job because nobody thinks he’s sticking around for Nancy [Pelosi]. She’s going to f— up the cafeteria again, too. [Lord’s name in vain], at least I’ll probably lose too and won’t have to put up with that s–t.

Erickson wrote that the unidentified congressman won’t lose his seat in the upcoming election because “his district is very Republican.”

The lawmaker also said:

It’s like Forrest Gump won the presidency, but an evil, really f—ing stupid Forrest Gump. He can’t help himself. He’s just a f—ing idiot who thinks he’s winning when people are bitching about him. He really does see the world as ratings and attention. I hate Forrest Gump. I listen to your podcast and heard you hate it, too. What an overrated piece of s–t movie. Can you believe it beat “The Shawshank Redemption”?

That’s when the congressman brought up impeachment again: “They just might pull the trigger if the president fires [special counsel Robert Mueller” and “s–t will hit the fan if that happens, and I’d vote to impeach him myself.

“Most of us [Republicans] would, I think. If we’re going to lose because of him, we might as well impeach the motherf—er. Take him out with us and let [Vice President] Mike [Pence] take over. At least then we could sleep well at night.”

As if that weren’t enough, the congressman delivered the final blow: “I say a lot of s–t on TV defending him, even over this. But honestly, I wish the motherf—er would just go away. We’re going to lose the House, lose the Senate, and lose a bunch of states because of him. All his supporters will blame us for what we have or have not done, but he hasn’t led. He wakes up in the morning, s–ts all over Twitter, s–ts all over us, s–ts all over his staff, then hits golf balls. F— him. Of course, I can’t say that in public or I’d get run out of town.”

Erickson’s post generated many responses from the public, including:

  • Erick, we know you’re a Never Trumper and a fake theologian. This filthy article just proves it. Name your source, you coward.
  • I am glad to hear Paul Ryan is leaving. Wish we could get rid of swamp creature Mitch McConnell. Half of Trump’s own party are swamp creatures and are doing everything they can think of to block his agenda. With the 24-hour-a-day pounding Trump takes, any other “generic” Republican would be cowering in the bathroom.
  • The Republicans stuck with that imbecile. Now they are going to reap the whirlwind. Welcome to politics. My vote will continue to go to libertarians and small government advocates.
  • This congressman is living in a bubble world and is so out of touch with his constituents, it is pathetic! And he thinks Trump is stupid?! Trump has accomplished more so far than Reagan did at this point in his administration. And Trump is one of the few politicians who actually does what he campaigned on. I voted for Trump and will vote for him again.
  • All you folks complaining about the crudity and cowardice of this representative are missing the point – if one of them is willing to say it, even anonymously, dozens of them are thinking it. Maybe your congressman is one of them …
  • This story is one big pile of garbage: I voted for Trump, am pleased to this day that I did and will vote for him again in 2020. I may even switch to being a Democrat so I can vote for him 20 or so times.
  • I bet this congressman on TV campaign ads promised to repeal Obamacare and didn’t. I bet this congressman said on TV that he wanted to protect our borders, too. I bet this clown voted every time to raise the debt ceiling. I bet he voted to give Obama just about everything he asked for. I bet he’s terrified of a government shutdown. … Trump is actually doing the right thing for this country, despite his Twitter antics, and it would do the GOP Congress well to support and defend their president once in a while.
  • Sounds like a real piece of work. If I knew who this person was, I wouldn’t vote for him.

At this point, it’s remains unclear who the Republican congressman is.

But stay tuned …


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