Syria. A nation that is about the size of the state of Washington, which is only the 18th largest state in the U.S.

But in that 72,000 square miles there are at least five divisions at odds – Assad’s regime, Syrian rebel forces, Hezbollah, ISIS and the Kurds. Then you have Russia, the U.S., Iran, Iraq and Turkey involved and more nations on the way.

Does anyone find this a bit ridiculous? A bit odd?

Now, granted the chemical attack is horrific – and, for that matter, the whole civil war has been horrific. The war is in its seventh year. Yes, that’s right. Just because President Trump is tweeting about it doesn’t mean it’s a new development. And two years ago, the death toll was estimated at 400,000 by UNICEF. The outcry is long overdue.

But again, we have all these nations in one little area, seemingly swooping in to clean up the pieces for their own gain at the end of the war. That’s what Russia and Turkey are doing at least. Russia is trying to preserve a warm-water naval base at a minimum. Turkey wants the whole nation. And China, though not on the ground, has continued to veto attempts by the United States in the United Nations Security Council to intervene long ago.

Again, its odd. Little ol’ Syria becoming the center of the world.

It’s crazy when you think about it, that Russia and the United States would stand off over this.

When world events do not make logical sense, I believe it’s because there is an unseen hand or hands in the background. My mind always goes to Ezekiel 38 and 39, in which we read of the Battle of Armageddon. In this description, Ezekiel 38:4 says that God will “put hooks in their jaws and bring them out with their whole army.” In the passage, God is speaking to this future individual referred to as Gog. Recent work, like that by WND author Joel Richardson, identifies this Chief Prince, called Gog, as the Antichrist.

I’m not saying that this conflict in Syria is Armageddon – it’s not. World War III, wherever it is fought, does not have to be Scripture’s final battle. The Bible is specific to the location, nations involved and outcome of Armageddon.

What does come to mind is that, like at that time foretold by Ezekiel, it appears God is pulling the nations to Syria with “hooks in their jaws.” And God usually shows His invisible hand when He is expediting His plans.

I write these words because I want you to look past the news and into the possible workings behind the scenes. Logically this alignment of nations does not add up. There is more at play. There has to be. Each nation is being lured even without their own understanding.

I also share these words because I heard some time ago, before the Syrian civil war, from a close friend who seems to display a prophetic gift that we should watch Syria, for it was a catalyst of what is to come. It looks like there might be some truth to this. For we know that the finale of this age is played out on stage in the Middle East. A revised caliphate will rise, superpowers like the U.S. will wane, and eventually the Antichrist will turn on Israel.

I know – we can shrug it off as if the end will never come, but it will. And one of the major signs is being fulfilled before our eyes – the return of Israel. The evidence is there for us to open our eyes. Syria might truly be the catalyst.

And just a note to add: Scripture seems to point to the Antichrist possibly coming from Syria.

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