Once again blacks get it wrong, even when they “kinda-sorta-maybe” get it somewhat right. Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson are both 23 years old, both are black, and both were handcuffed and arrested April 12, in a Starbucks coffee shop in the trendy Rittenhouse Square area of Philadelphia.

Their crime, if all parties are to be believed, was sitting in the Starbucks without placing an order and then one of the men asking to use the restroom. Apparently, asking to use the restroom without making a purchase after having been sitting in a Starbucks is not just frowned upon but sufficient reason to tell persons to leave. And when the persons refuse, the next step is to call 911, report a disturbance and have police show up. Sarcasm intended.

Permit me to say: “Welcome to Starbucks.” They are as well-known for offending people as they are for their massively overpriced and overrated coffee. Starbucks has insulted the military, Christians, conservative voters (specifically President Trump supporters) and police officers in recent years. Also, if there is an anti-American/unpatriotic position available – Starbucks will support it.

The fact that seven police officers showed up means only that it was a 911 call for a disturbance. The police had no way of knowing what they were about to walk into. With the number of police officers being gunned down these days, they would have been fools to have just one officer show up. Once inside the Starbucks the police were respectful, but acting upon the information that was presented to them by Starbucks employees, the two young men were arrested and handcuffed and taken to the police station holding cell where they would later be released when it was learned what had actually happened.

I’m not defending Starbucks. I detest Starbucks and refuse to spend my money in one or on any of their products sold in stores. In my opinion, Starbucks is the thing that goes down the toilet first when flushed. However, the proper way to handle the situation based upon what is known thus far is trot down to Chestnut Street and hire the best Philadelphia lawyer the lure of a huge cash settlement can buy and then prepare to cash in – because the amount of the settlement is going to be massive.

The decision to have the police remove the two young men, who, as it turns out, were waiting to meet a real estate investor who had instructed them to meet him there, was a bad decision on every quantifiable level. That’s the part the blacks up in arms “sorta kinda” get right. But it goes off the rails from there.

Phillip Jackson, founder of the Black Muslim front group the Black Star Project, wasted no time in blaming President Trump. Jackson said: “Trump’s election has exasperated the issues faced by the African-American, Latinos, and Muslim-American communities even than it was under Obama” (“Starbucks Discrimination ‘A Sign Of America’s Cultural War,” Ali Younes, Aljazeera Media Network, April 19, 2018).

This incident has brought out more folks who see racism hiding under their bed than the number of old hippies that showed up for a Grateful Dead concert before front man Jerry Garcia died.

The same article reports that Salim Muwakkii, a Chicago journalist and radio personality, said: “[The] incident … represents in part the gentrification of certain neighborhoods in the U.S., mainly white middle-class areas where outsiders are seen with suspicion and of lesser status. … Black people view this as a discord that they don’t fit in; not just racially but also economically.”

The point that gets conveniently overlooked by these people is that racism by blacks is today being promoted in public schools and on college campuses. Consider the exponential increase of “black only” proms. Consider the demands for “black only” dormitories, dining areas, lounges, homecoming celebrations, swimming pool parties, ad nauseam on college/university campuses nationwide today.

Are those things not evidence of systematic racism on a national scale?

I am at a loss per the relevance of those blacks that are holding signs that read “black lives matter.” If black lives really mattered, wouldn’t blacks be taking steps to reduce the number of blacks killing blacks – instead of them arguing there is no such thing as “black-on-black crime”?

If black lives mattered, wouldn’t the black people referenced above, et al., protesting Starbucks instead protest the fact that millions of black women have paid Planned Parenthood to murder their black babies?

I have two questions for these blacks belching racism in staccato: 1) How long before blacks burn down a neighborhood to show how upset they are? 2) If I walked into a Starbucks wearing my “Make America Great Again” cap, would they protest if the server refused to serve me, told me to leave and then called the police when I asked to see management?

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