Hi, Joseph. Your recent column, “Why God hates drugs,” put me in mind of a movie I saw with my dad in the late 1950s. I can’t recall the movie’s title, but heroin was being forced on a man held captive. Once hooked, they were trying to pry information from their subject by withholding the drug and inducing terrible withdrawal symptoms. As a young kid, I found it really disturbing!

Heading home in our 1958 Chevy, my father was explaining the dependency problem and how eventually people will do almost anything for the drug, just to feel normal. As I got older, it left me with an extreme loathing for illicit drugs and the depressing culture associated with it.

The drug culture seems to have a weird glamor attachment that continuously attracts new victims. Ideally, it should be associated with welfare, flea-bitten flophouses and gaggles of homeless people huddled around barrel fires!


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