A lot has been written about the polarization of America. In fact, it is now a phenomenon throughout the Western world. Although having developed over decades, it has become more stark over the past few years as greater numbers of ordinary citizens have refused to go along with the left’s never-ending march to tear down Western civilization and remake it into an atheist oligarchy run by globalist elites who tinker with the minutiae of the lives of the unwashed masses and do social experiments that never work as promised (and never apply to them, personally). The left’s new version of our culture also happens to make them fabulously wealthy by using their control of the government not only to regulate every aspect of our lives and set themselves up as the arbiters of fairness, but also seize an ever-larger share of everyone’s pay.

The old saw goes that politics swing back and forth between conservative and liberal periods. As early as the 1980s it was obvious that any swing back to the right was only very small and very temporary, while the cultural Marxist advances are sweeping and permanent.

As Americans have begun waking up to the destruction of our culture, our legal traditions and even our nation’s history, our simple refusal to agree to this onslaught has been mischaracterized by liberals as a rise of “right-wing extremism” or some other scary-sounding label. As always, liberals play the victims by portraying themselves as a target of “hate” when their agenda is resisted. This is how liberals twisted Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act – which would have protected businesses from frivolous lawsuits meant to abuse the legal system and bankrupt those who chose not to participate in the destruction of our culture – into a state-sponsored attack on the very lives of homosexuals. On my radio show at that time, I had commenters passionately make the absurd argument then-Gov. Mike Pence had effectively legalized the murder of gays. Similarly, when Hobby Lobby and others resisted being forced into providing health insurance for abortion-inducing birth control, the left wailed in outrage at what they twisted into a claim that the company was attacking women.

It has been obvious for years there is no room for compromise regarding the opposing worldviews between the left and everyone else. Their view is incompatible with freedom. It is incompatible with the traditions of the Western world. It is incompatible with American culture. Which is why they have devastated the family unit by funding and encouraging its destruction through government programs and government-funded leftist organizations. Which is why liberals seized control of the American public education system and transformed it from a world leader into a shockingly expensive liberal propaganda factory churning out graduates without even basic skills for employment or college, but who can vomit out degenerate leftist talking points and possess enormous self-esteem.

The response to these and other leftist takeovers from ordinary Americans who value our culture has been to keep working hard, keeping our kids out of the public schools, voting against the cultural destruction and maybe writing a letter to the editor or calling into a radio talk show. But there has been a change over the past few years. The left has moved past the point of destroying the culture by demanding their new version be accepted. They have shifted to using their control of the government, education, business, media and courts to force their culture on the larger population against our will.

All this explains the frustration among conservatives with their Republican elected representatives who played a game at election time of whipping up donations and votes by promising to stop the cultural rot liberals were inflicting on our nation and then did nothing to stop the leftist march once elected.

This also explains some of the much-noted shifts in voter patterns such as the faithful Democratic base of white working-class men who now vote overwhelmingly for Republicans.

The reason for these phenomena is that the political alignment familiar to Americans since before the Civil War – Republicans and Democrats – has transformed into something very different. The new political alignment is the political and cultural elitists versus those resisting America’s cultural destruction. The new alignment is the entire Democratic Party and their Republican allies on one side versus the Republican base on the other. Certain members of the Bush family’s support for Hillary Clinton and the “Never Trumpers” in the GOP who have fought President Trump throughout the primaries, the general election and now during his presidency are examples. Why would the members of one party join with the other party to make a spectacle of themselves attacking their own party’s leader? Because it is no longer Republican versus Democrat. The new alignment is American culture and freedom versus a New World Order oligarchy.

Since the left twists language at every opportunity and many of them are Republicans, a new way of identifying them and their agenda is necessary.

Every public policy proposal should be discussed in these terms:

1. Is the proponent telling you what you have to do? Are they telling you they know better how you should live your life?

2. Does the proposal advance the cause of individual freedom, or does it increase government control?

For those of us who value American culture, it is important to remain focused in debates with the left and not let them re-frame arguments into some abstract ideas of fairness or tugging on emotional heartstrings for the purpose of empowering themselves and their cronies to further destroy American culture and reinforce themselves in their positions as a ruling class over the rest of us. Straightforward language and staying focused on the loss of freedom they propose is necessary to properly discuss the never-ending leftist attacks on our country and tradition of freedom and liberty.

Freedom or government control? It cannot be both. Every discussion should be in those terms.

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