In promoting his new book, former FBI Director James Comey referred to Trump as being like a “mob boss.”

Al Capone was a mob boss. The FBI tried in vain for years to catch Capone at breaking the law as a mob boss so they could lock him up. The FBI failed at the task at hand and so looked for some other way to get Capone. The FBI solicited help from the IRS and indicted/convicted Capone for tax evasion – but nothing for Capone’s actions as a mob boss.

The general population accepted the actions of the IRS/FBI collusion against Capone because the popular thought was that Capone was a bad guy who should be removed from society.

And how did the general population learn about Capone? From the media and the information leaked to the press from the J. Edgar Hoover led FBI. That was the same J. Edgar Hoover who kept private files about politicians that he used as blackmail to keep Congress and presidents from interfering with his FBI, including files about the female escapades of JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King Jr..

Now, the FBI is doing the same thing to Trump. McCabe, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein … all part of the FBI deep state. Why did Rosenstein give so much latitude to Mueller? Why did McCabe leak information to the press? Notes kept by Comey to be used against Trump? Comparisons of Trump to a mob boss? All deliberate. What do they have on Attorney General Sessions? What do they have on members of Congress?

For Comey to refer to Trump as a mob boss says it all. Capone had people killed. His mob brought drugs into the U.S. Prostitution. Bootlegging. Gambling. Did Trump do any of that?

Comey is smart. He is calculating. He picks his words cautiously as he did when he scrapped the use of “gross negligence” in his reference to Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal server and the hundreds of classified emails found on it that were probably all hacked by foreign governments. Why did he exonerate the emails on Hillary’s assistant’s computer just a week before the election?

Comey was trying to influence the outcome of the election. He exonerated Clinton to help her. To remove a campaign cloud over her. And now Comey’s comment of Trump being a mob boss is meant to cause feelings against Trump as they were against Capone. Mob boss.

And why? Why try to put Trump into the same genre as Al Capone? Because the FBI did wrong – lots of wrong. Wrong in the use of the Trump dossier. Wrong in the McCabe leaks. Wrong in exonerating Hillary Clinton. Wrong in the “insurance policy” against Trump. Wrong in wire tapping. Wrong in indicting Flynn and Manafort for actions outside of collusion in the 2016 election. And wrong in how they are trying to find collusion between Trump and Russians in that same election. So now the FBI deep state wants the American public to accept any actions it finds against Trump as reason to end his presidency, just as the American public accepted anything done to Capone. Both mob bosses, after all.

The deep state wants the public to believe that the end justifies the means and that they are justified in using any means stop a “mob boss.”

The deep state operatives believe they are right to stop Trump and that the end justifies the means – means including lies, leaks, and conspiracy. The use of the term “mob boss” is just another attempt to set up another domino in their attempts to disrupt the will of we the people in the 2016 election. The deep state actually thinks it knows better about what is good for America than we the people. And that is so dangerous to democracy, freedom and our Constitution.

The deep state acquired too much power over time. It became a self-defining entity. The deep state forgot that it works for we the people as our direct employees who are accountable to our president as the representative of we the people as specified in Article II of the Constitution.

Trump a mob boss? hardly. The real threat to America is them … the deep state.

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