Ben Franklin said you can’t be certain of anything but death and taxes.

We can now add another certainty: The media will never report President Trump’s accomplishments.

Take the opioid crisis – please.

President Trump has done more to combat this scourge that’s killing tens of thousands of Americans a year than any of his predecessors.

In 15 months, President Trump signed twice as many bills addressing the opioid crisis as President Obama did in eight years. (More on this later.)

Most significantly, this president is getting to the root of the problem rather than simply performing triage at the end stage and burying the bodies.

He is mounting a three-pronged attack. The battlefields are enforcement, the economy and treatment.

The administration’s stepped up border and immigration security will help stop the deadly drugs pouring into our country by the ton.

The DEA reports fentanyl, the cheap synthetic heroin ravaging America, originates in China. “The current fentanyl crisis is fueled by China-sourced fentanyls,” says the DEA. Mexican drug cartels are pushing this junk, but they are getting it from China.

Meanwhile, millions of counterfeit oxycontin pills laced with Chinese fentanyl are coming from Canada at the same time Mexican drugs cartels bring in heroin and meth.

Enforcement doesn’t end at the border. The Justice Department is breaking the hands of corrupt pill mill doctors to keep them from writing prescriptions that turn Americans into junkies and dealers.

It’s also cracking down on pharmaceutical distributors that allow narcotics to be diverted from pharmacies to the black market. McKesson and Cardinal Health, two of the three largest opioid distributors, shipped 12.3 million pills to a single pharmacy in a small West Virginia town from 2006 to 2014, the Washington Post reports.

It’s worth noting that under Obama and previous administrations, the Drug Enforcement Administration never brought a criminal charge against a company for failing to report suspicious orders of legal drugs.

Attorney General Sessions is backing states suing distributors of narcotic painkillers. Eric Holder, Obama’s attorney general, defended the manufacturer of oxycontin in a lawsuit brought by West Virginia when he was in private practice in 2004.

Meanwhile, the administration is also attacking the economic origin of the epidemic.

It’s no coincidence the regions and demographic groups that had their jobs move to China and elsewhere are now hit hardest by addiction and overdoses.

This is the cruel twist of fate: The very people who have been devastated by factories moving to China are now being killed by poison coming from China. We send them our livelihood, they send us killer drugs.

The opioid plague is taking its heaviest toll in working class communities that were drained of jobs and hope by globalist so-called “free trade” policies.

President Trump has chucked those policies, and his program of trade reform, tax reform and immigration reform is bringing back jobs and raising wages for Americans. Unemployment is at or near all time lows, and businesses are having a hard time filling jobs.

That gets to the crucial third part of the solution – giving people a way to get off drugs and hope they can have a meaningful life drug-free.

The administration committed $6 billion for drug treatment, above and beyond the money (nearly $1 billion) Congress had previously approved. In addition, the administration is removing regulatory barriers that prevent people from getting rehab and the treatment they need.

Treatment provides Americans the means to get off drugs.

President Trump provides them a reason to do it:

The forgotten men and women of America are forgotten no more.
We will take control of our destiny.

We will put our people back to work.

We will rebuild broken lives and broken communities.

And together, we will Make America Great Again.

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