3rd search finds still more Clinton-Lynch tarmac-meeting records

By Bob Unruh


Remember that secret meeting, that eventually became public, on an Arizona airport tarmac between Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch while the agency Lynch ran was investigating Hillary Clinton’s email scandal?

Apparently, the public still doesn’t know all there is to know about that.

The American Center for Law and Justice has announced that on its third attempt to search records for documents or details pertaining to the meeting, the government has uncovered still more information.

It’s scheduled to be made available to the ACLJ, which is been fighting for the details through its Freedom of Information Act case, for months.

It was in a court filing from the Department of Justice that officials admitted the FBI now has found “approximately 16 additional pages and two text messages” concerning the meeting.

It was startling because of the people involved. It was a former president meeting with the person responsible for the entire agency that was investigating his wife for her “extremely careless” handling of national secrets through her own personal and unsecured system.

Many critics have said Hillary Clinton should have been charged criminally for the offenses. But she was cleared apparently at the point that now fired-FBI chief James Comey, who had drafted her exoneration before she even was interviewed in the case, announced that no prosecutor would pursue the case.

“After twice denying their existence – first lying to the ACLJ, and then once caught, claiming it had turned over all documents to the ACLJ – the FBI Deep State has just admitted in federal court that is has found new documents – 16 pages and 2 text messages – that it will be forced to turn over to the ACLJ by the end of the month,” the organization revealed in a new report Tuesday.

“The FBI finally admitted – on its supposedly third search attempt – that it has located another batch of documents responsive to the ACLJ’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for information relating to former Attorney General Lynch’s suspiciously timed and highly secretive meeting with former President Clinton on a tarmac in Arizona just days before it publicly exonerated Hillary Clinton.

“As we reported a few weeks ago, just days before the FBI was to file a response to the ACLJ’s motion for summary judgment challenging the adequacy of the FBI’s search for documents, the FBI, instead, filed a motion with the court requesting that summary judgment proceedings be stayed while the FBI conducted a third search for documents. Yes, you read that right. A third search,” the ACLJ reported.

“The FBI’s earlier searches were less than sufficient to comply with federal requirements under FOIA. In fact, following its first supposed search, the FBI claimed that ‘no records’ existed responsive to the ACLJ’s FOIA request. The ACLJ later obtained evidence that proved the FBI’s claim false, and the ACLJ demanded another search. While a second search was conducted by the FBI, which produced some documents, it quickly became clear that the search was, again, inadequate.”

The organization then demanded a third search in court, and the judge agreed it was needed.

The ACLJ said the two texts were between FBI agent Peter Strzok and now former FBI agent Lisa Page, paramours who through earlier released text messages were shown to have been actively opposing Trump’s presidency and working on a “backup” plan.

The texts dated June 30, 2016, three days after the tarmac meeting, state:

“All the airport tarmac articles finally burst out. Took a little bit. Not a big deal, just ASTOUNDINGLY bad optic.”

“Omg he is spinning about the tarmac meeting, viewed in conjunction with the {REDACTED} Wants to meet at 4, have us bring lists of what we would do in an ordinary circumstance (easy, refer to PC) and in this circumstance (easy, refer to 7th floor)….”

The ACLJ reported, “The ‘he’ referenced in the second text, based on the context of already released text messages, is likely Bill Priestap, assistant director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division. The ‘7th floor’ is a clear reference to the upper echelon of FBI management – then-Director Comey and his top advisors and lieutenants. The texts paint an even clearer picture of just how high up the FBI chain the Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting was. They knew it was bad and were in full crisis management mode. Yet, it also shows how the mainstream media buried the story waiting several days to really cover it at all. In the end, we know it was the 7th floor – and Director Comey himself – who decided what the FBI would do – publicly exonerating Clinton just days later – something that was anything but ‘ordinary,'” the ACLJ said.

“The meeting raised serious questions regarding the integrity of the DOJ’s investigation – an issue that has resurfaced in recent months with congressional investigations and the release of the Inspector General’s report last month indicating that the DOJ attempted to shut down the FBI’s multiple investigations (by four different field offices) into the Clinton Foundation and the Foundation’s suspicious activity with a foreign donor.”

The organization said it already knows “through our lawsuits against the DOJ and FBI is that AG Lynch was conducting official business through an email alias – Elizabeth Carlisle – that the highest levels of the DOJ, the FBI – including Director Comey – and even the Obama White House were quickly aware of the meeting and intricately involved on coordinating the spin, even colluding with members of the mainstream medial to downplay the importance of the meeting, and that Obama loyalists have actually been tasked with investigating themselves.”

The former president and departing attorney general insisted their private meeting had nothing to do with the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s wife, then a candidate for president, of her mishandling of classified information.

Tom Fitton, president of Washington watchdog Judicial Watch, said the “infamous tarmac meeting between President Clinton and AG Lynch is a vivid example of why many Americans believe the Obama administration’s criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton was rigged.”


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