Former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

Most people by now know about Ambassador Nikki Haley’s work at the United Nations.

She’s bluntly called out the global body for discriminating against Israel.

But there’s another strong American woman at the United Nations.

With a different goal: taking the message of Jesus Christ to the world.

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann recently explained her work in an interview with My Faith Votes.

She’s the executive director of Skyline UN, which focuses on bringing the Gospel to the nations by holding regular worship services there.

The second focus, she said, is to “bring a different perspective regarding Israel through what we call the Raoul Wallenberg Fellowship. In that endeavor, we intend to bring speakers to the United Nations who will talk about all the many ways that Israel is a blessing to the nations.”

Haley’s bluntness has raised eyebrows from a wide range of delegations.

She recently blocked a U.N. call for an international investigation into Israel’s defense of itself from attacking terrorists.

Shortly before, she dressed down Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who told her to be quiet.

“I will not shut up rather I will respectfully speak some truths,” she told him as he fled the assembly room.

Bachmann’s work leaps past the politics toward ultimate resolutions.

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She said she was able to have a side event during the recent Commission on the Status of Women meetings.

“It is a conference that draws women from around the world. We held a forum called ‘Personal Stories of Women’s Journeys in Leadership,’ and were delighted to have five Christian women share their personal stories and include a faith perspective,” she said.

“I also was able to speak and share my personal testimony of transformation and redemption in my life through the power of Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was shared throughout the forum. Each of the speakers’ stories centered on scripture and pointed to the source of their transformation through the power of Jesus Christ.”

She said in the interview the audience came from all nations.

“Women from perhaps every major religious background seemed to be present in the room and there was a cross-section of ages represented as well. By the time we began our forum every seat was taken and it was standing room only. People were even sitting in front of the speakers on the floor and lining the walls in the room. Virtually no one left throughout the entire 75-minute session.

“We saw young women with tears in their eyes as they listened to the speakers. I think what was most profound to me was the Holy Spirit’s presence evident in the room throughout the entire time. It wasn’t the words or the giftedness of the speakers, as much as it was the addition of the power of the Holy Spirit that was in the room. And we had a sense that women’s lives were touched, so much so that afterward women wanted to speak with us for at least 40 minutes after the session was over.

She continued: “We prayed with women from South American countries, African countries, and women from Canada and other parts of the world. We had women come up to us and say that they had never heard this message before at the United Nations, meaning they have never heard this redemptive message of freedom and transformation through Christ.”

She urged Christians to join in what God already is doing.

“Henry Blackaby wrote a book, ‘Experiencing God,’ and his main thesis was ‘find out what God is doing and show up and join the work.’ And I believe he is right about that. … We are coming to a culmination point of history and we need to take advantage of the time that we have been given to preach the Gospel and let the Holy Spirit bring about transformation.”

Bachmann retired from Congress several years ago. She also had the last laugh against critics who savaged her expectation that gasoline would return to $2 a gallon.

During her campaign for president in 2012, Time magazine snarked, “Why Michele Bachmann’s $2-a-Gallon Gas Promise Is a Fantasy.”

Within three years, gasoline dropped below that benchmark.

WND named her “Woman of the Year” in 2012.

The award is presented to the woman who does “the most to represent goodness, womanliness, perseverance and character” and has “an impact on wider American, and global opinion.”

Bachmann was chosen for her extraordinary dedication to America’s founding principles, her steadfast defense of the Constitution and championing the values of limited government and America’s Christian heritage.

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