Conservative broadcaster Glenn Beck famously opposed Donald Trump in the 2016 election campaign, but establishment media smears of the president drove him to don the Trump campaign’s signature “Make America Great Again” red hat on his TheBlaze radio show and promise to vote for the president in 2020.

The media’s misreporting Thursday of Trump’s description of MS-13 gang members as “animals” – claiming the president was referring to all illegal immigrants – was the last straw, Beck said.

It drove him, he told his listeners and viewers of the video-streamed radio show, “to the point where I can say, ‘You know what? I’ve had enough, I’ll vote for him in 2020. Gladly, I’ll vote for him for him in 2020.”

Beck said his decision to vote for Trump isn’t even based on the president’s record, which he said is “pretty damn amazing.”

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“But if you can drive me to the point where I’ll wear one of these stupid red hats, I’m telling you, you’re making a gigantic mistake, and I welcome it.”

The talk-radio and TV host said his message is directed to “dishonest and corrupt people that don’t care about the truth at all.”

Speaking to establishment media outlets, Beck said that after a backlash to the misrepresentation of Trump’s comments, they “deleted the tweets.”

“You deleted them. And then you have the audacity to start further the conversation on, ‘Well, you know, even if he didn’t mean that they’re not animals …”

“Shut up, shut up,” Beck said.

“If those animals took your daughter and did what they’ve done to other Americans’ daughters, you’d call them an animal.”

Beck, who formerly hosted shows on the Fox News Channel and Turner Broadcasting’s HLN, repeatedly condemned Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign and has been critical of his presidency.

In an interview with Recode Media with Peter Kafka in March 2017, the media mogul said he wasn’t concerned about losing conservative followers.

“I say this with all humility: I don’t care,” he said. “Right is right, wrong is wrong. People don’t listen to me for the direction that everybody else is going in.”

Beck, CEO, founder, and owner of Mercury Radio Arts, the parent company of his television and radio network TheBlaze, emphasized in the March 2017 interview he’s a “constitutional conservative.”

“I will take responsibility for the things that I did. I take responsibility for me. You take responsibility for you,” he said. “I’m looking for people in media, on the right and the left, who have the balls to stand up to their own audience [and] say, ‘This is what we did wrong,’ ‘This is what I did wrong,’ ‘This is what I didn’t get.'”

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