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'Daddy's little ghoul': N.Y. Daily News attacks 'deplorable' Ivanka

In its May 15 cover story, the New York Daily News dubbed Ivanka Trump ‘Daddy’s little ghoul’ because she made an appearance at the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem this week (Photo: Twitter/New York Daily News)

In its Tuesday cover story, the New York Daily News mercilessly ridiculed Ivanka Trump as “Daddy’s little ghoul” and called the first daughter “seemingly oblivious” because she made an appearance at the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem this week.

The Daily News cover featured a photo of Ivanka smiling and pointing her hand toward a wall. In the right corner, the paper included a photo of Palestinians killed at the Gaza border Monday. The cover, which appeared to suggest Ivanka was gleeful about the violence, stated: “Daddy’s Little Ghoul: 55 slaughtered in Gaza, but Ivanka all smiles at Jerusalem embassy unveil.”

A Monday tweet from the Daily News referred to the first daughter as “deplorable.”

The story inside the paper doesn’t actually support the “ghoul” statement on the cover. Fox News reported, “The article is a straight-news story that doesn’t mention Ivanka until the fourth paragraph when it simply names members of the Trump administration who attended the opening.” The editorial page doesn’t include any mention of Ivanka, either.

Still the paper’s editors apparently believed it was appropriate to depict Ivanka next to a bloodied Palestinian child.

Britt McHenry, a political commentator, told Fox News that the depiction of Ivanka on the Daily News cover is “reprehensible” and the paper labeling Ivanka a “ghoul” shows it lacks “any sort of decency.”

“It’s the same principle at work we saw with Michelle Wolf after the White House Correspondents’ Dinner,” McHenry told Fox. “The message is clear: It’s never OK to denigrate or make fun of women unless they are conservative or vote Republican. Then it’s ‘comedy’ or ‘journalism.’ Not only is the headline bad, but its unethical journalism to superimpose her next to the Gaza protests and mislead readers into thinking she was responsible for it.”

More than 50 people have been killed at the Gaza border as Palestinians protested the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem Monday.

The Daily News, which costs $1.50 an issue, frequently ridicules Trump, his family and supporters. In 2016, the paper referred to Trump voters as “mindless zombies” and dubbed Trump a “Dead Clown Walking” in Iowa. It has also called the president “stupid” and edited his face so he looked like a clown.