(Washington Times) Missouri’s embattled Republican governor suddenly resigned Tuesday afternoon, saying that while he did nothing wrong, he could not allow “the forces opposed to us” to damage his family.

Gov. Eric Greitens, mired in a scandal over an extramarital affair and allegations of campaign-finance violations, announced his resignation, effective Friday, at a hastily called news conference as an impeachment effort in the Legislature gained momentum.

The governor has acknowledged having an affair with his hairdresser. “I’m not perfect,” he said Tuesday. “But I’ve not broken any laws or committed any offense worthy of this treatment.”

“Millions of dollars of mounting legal bills, endless personal attacks designed to cause maximum damage to family and friends, legal harassment of colleagues, friends and campaign workers, and it’s clear that for the forces that oppose us, there’s no end in sight. I cannot allow those forces to continue to cause pain and difficulty to the people that I love,” he said.

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