WASHINGTON – Would you like to be part of a campaign for the upcoming release of a “breakthrough Bible book” hailed by some of the biggest luminaries of Christianity?

It’s called “The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament,” and it is written by WND’s founder Joseph Farah. But the book won’t release to the public until September.

But you can get a “Special VIP Advance Reader Copy” with a donation of $100 or more to help pay for the first 100,000 copies to be sold in bookstores throughout the country and to offset the distribution of copies to churches throughout the country. Those signed commemorative “first-first edition books” are expected to ship out in early May to participants in this first phase of the campaign.

“This is destined to be not only the biggest project of my life but the biggest publishing challenge WND as ever taken upon,” said Farah, who founded not only, but WND Books and WND Films. “Most people just don’t understand the economics of publishing. It’s a tough business – one that requires frontloaded investment and lots of time before you see the revenue. That’s why we’re seeking help from those who see the richness, uniqueness and importance of this project in the spiritual dimension – from churches to foundations to corporations and individuals.”

WND Books estimates it needs to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars just to meet the first-printing demand for an expensive 400-page book.

As part of the campaign, a tax-exempt, non-profit charity, Gospel for All Nations, is accepting grants and donations on behalf of the project and WND is soliciting direct non-exempt contributions to kick-start the publishing effort of this unique book.

“Everyone involved believes this book will be a breakthrough for sharing the Gospel both in the U.S. and around the world,” said Farah.

What’s the breakthrough?

Those who have endorsed the book after reading the manuscript say it is unique in the way it demonstrates the miraculous consistence and integration of the entire Bible from the beginning through the end – in every book – with the message of redemption. But the Gospel it reveals is bigger than the message of personal salvation, showing Moses through Jesus foreshadowing the future redemption of the whole world, centered in Israel and Jerusalem.

“Jesus referred to ‘the Gospel of the Kingdom,'” said Farah. “So did the Gospel writers. And that’s a component of the Gospel that has been greatly overlooked through much of the history of the church after the first century. It’s also the key to unlocking the consistent redemption message in every book of the Hebrew Scriptures.”

From Franklin Graham to Mike Huckabee to Greg Laurie, Jack Van Impe, Ben Kinchlow, Chuck Norris, Ray Comfort and more than a dozen other endorsers of the book, it is being hailed as an engaging reference book and study guide that will help believers, pastors and small groups get deeper into the Old Testament Scriptures with purpose and focus.

Dr. Karl Payne, pastor of leadership development and discipleship training at Antioch Bible Church, in Redmond, Washington, had this to say about “The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament”: “This book is a goldmine of information, comprehensively tying Old and New Testament Scriptures together regarding the first and second comings of the Lord Jesus Christ; the promised Jewish Messiah and Savior of the world who came first as the Lamb of God to take away the sins of the world, and second, the Lion from the tribe of Judah who is just as literally coming back to rule and reign over His millennial kingdom,” said the author of the best-selling “Spiritual Warfare,” a classic work on the subject.

“If there is another book like this one in print, I have neither seen it nor read it. Joseph, thank you for doing your homework, standing in the gap which you do regularly, and writing a book that is so readable and understandable. I now have a better handle on what verses Jesus must have taught his distraught disciples when He walked with them on the road to Emmaus after His death, burial and resurrection from the dead. Glory to God! I have often wondered just what the Lord Jesus Christ said to the two men He walked with on the way to Emmaus after His resurrection from the dead, ‘And beginning with Moses and all the prophets, He interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.’ My friend, Joseph Farah, has helped answer my question in a very readable and systematic fashion through his newest book, ‘The Gospel in Every Book of The Old Testament.’ Once I began reading this manuscript, I could not put it down. The materials written on the book of Isaiah alone are worth the price of the book and the time it takes to read. I wish I could have read this book more than forty years ago as part of my Bible School or Seminary studies. This is that good! Good teachers take complex ideas and share them in a way that others can understand what is being taught. Joseph Farah is a good teacher and this book is worth buying and reading.”

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