Try a little thought experiment with me.

Imagine that as a young child, rather than being taught by your parents and teachers that America is a wonderful nation uniquely blessed by God, you were taught to hate it.

What if you never learned to appreciate the bold explorer Christopher Columbus, or the hardy and devout Pilgrims, or the rag-tag colonial army that against impossible odds won Americans’ independence by defeating the world’s best-trained military – and then went on to establish a transcendently enlightened Constitution guaranteeing personal freedoms such as the world had never seen?

What if you never reverenced the fact that America sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives in a bloody Civil War in order to end the evil of slavery? And then later sacrificed hundreds of thousands more lives to stop the ravages of Hitler’s Germany and Imperial Japan and to rescue countless Jews from Nazi death camps?

What if you were convinced America is fundamentally racist, oblivious to the reality that, since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and MLK’s “dream” of a color-blind America, America has blossomed into the least racist nation on the face of the earth?

And what if you somehow dismissed the fact that most of the world’s major inventions that have so richly blessed all of humanity – from the lightbulb to miracle drugs to the microchip – were invented by Americans?

What if, instead of all of this, you were taught from your youth to feel guilt, embarrassment and shame toward your country? What if the emphasis in your learning was always on America’s faults and darkest deeds, and never on the good? Nations, like the people comprising them, are full of serious faults. Yet with some countries, those faults are outweighed by their selfless sacrifices, courage, generosity and positive contributions to the rest of mankind. And no nation fits this description better than the United States of America.

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But continuing on with our thought experiment …

If, perchance, your parents and teachers somehow failed to inject this guilt and loathing toward America into your soul, your professors would zealously take care of that when, as a young, intelligent and energetic (but also inexperienced, impressionable and, let’s face it, ignorant) college student, you entered those hallowed halls with great expectations – and were literally taught to hate America from day one. You would most likely have been taught from Howard Zinn’s ultra-popular book, “A People’s History of the United States,” which paints an irredeemably dark picture of the U.S.A., chapter by chapter portraying Columbus as a racist genocidal monster and the early settlers as committing genocide against the Indians. Then came the evils of slavery, then the robber barons and the excesses of capitalism, and then the Vietnam War cast as genocide against the innocent brown-skinned peoples of that region, and so on. Absent, meanwhile, are the singular virtues that have long made America a beacon of freedom to the entire world and the No. 1 destination for immigrants everywhere – literally, their Promised Land.

Now, if you will – just for the purposes of our thought experiment – savor that feeling of guilt and condemnation toward America, the embarrassment and shame, as well as the implicit disapproval of all those who mindlessly extol and defend such a flawed and bigoted nation. In this rarefied air – infused not only with resentment toward America, but also a sense of moral superiority on your part – radical multiculturalism springs to life. Somehow all other nations, cultures, religions, political systems and beliefs now magically appear more virtuous and sympathetic (in the manner of long-abused victims) than America and Americans. Likewise, deviant sexual lifestyles mysteriously come to share the same glorified victim status as other worldviews, cultures and religions. Even exotic and obviously pathological new “gender identities” find their place in the ever-expanding hierarchy of heroic “minorities” oppressed and persecuted by a racist, bigoted, homophobic, Islamophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, toxically masculine America.

This little thought experiment is meant to provide just a tiny glimpse into the mind, worldview and de facto religion of what we call – in political code words – “the left.”

The left, which today entirely dominates the Democratic Party, has long demonstrated its dissatisfaction with America by striving to replace its free-market capitalist economic system with Marxism/socialism, replace its Judeo-Christian values with moral relativism and sexual anarchy, and replace its Constitution through audacious judicial activism.

And of course, the biggest “replacement” campaign of all is the left’s ongoing obsession with replacing you and me – traditionally minded, America-loving citizen-voters – via uncontrolled immigration, both legal and illegal.

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