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Music superstar warns about 'establishment Pharisees'

Country music superstar Charlie Daniels is comparing today’s political power structure in Washington to the Pharisees of biblical times.

But he’s warning their agenda – right now to attack President Trump because he’s an outsider and is disrupting their plans – won’t stop there.

In fact, he’s warning that average “rank-and-file” Americans soon will be facing “dangerous precedents” because of the establishment war against the president.

He posts his opinions on the Soap Box page of his band’s website.

In a new commentary he said America needs to think of the “establishment politicians” as Pharisees, who, “regardless of what party is in power – and they are nearly interchangeable, by the way – have had their way in this country for a century or more.”

Then a sea change.

“All of a sudden, as unexpectedly as a July snow, a brash outsider, who minces no words, takes no prisoners and calls ’em like he sees ’em, status be damned, is elected to the highest office in the free world, releasing a swarm of flies into their ointment, disrespecting their traditions, and calling not only theirs, but the media’s bluff, without fear of retaliation,” he wrote.

“Whether you hate Trump or love him, if you will be truthful and look behind the curtain and the impotent protestations of ambitious whiners like Adam Schiff, who is like a cloud which continuously promises but never delivers rain, you’ll find that the old guard and the globalists consider this man to be public enemy number one and will stop at nothing to deemphasize or destroy his presidency, the wellbeing of the United States of America be damned.”

The worst part from the “entrenched bureaucracy, the multi-term senator and congressman, the power brokers and pressure groups that can coerce the powers that be into paying for nine hundred-dollar hammers and building bridges to nowhere,” however, is the “dangerous precedents for rank and file America.”

“Lawyer-client privilege has long been the sacred cow of jurisprudence, yet, it is brazenly flaunted by federal agents desperately in search of any microscopic speck of anything that can be used to unseat or even embarrass this president,” he writes. “The FBI, the IRS, the Justice Department and who even knows what other government entities have been politicized and compromised, some of the very agencies that are tasked with the protection of the Constitution and the citizens of this nation have proven to have clay feet and corrupt hearts and, if not curbed, will have most dire implications long after, for whatever reason, Donald J Trump has left office.”

He warned, “if the old boys club don’t like a president or anybody else for that matter, maybe somebody who is just a thorn in their side, they just harass them into impeachment or bankruptcy using agencies paid for by taxpayers.”

He said the establishment’s “travesty,” if it reaches its “desired conclusion,” will let the long arm of the law “reach into the most private and personal parts of our lives.”

“If Russia had an effect on our election process I think it’s how much our once respected federal agencies have come to resemble the shadowy Russian secret police who knocked on the door at midnight.”

He said the original Pharisees, those of Jesus’ day, “Were the absolute authorities on interpreting the written word of the prophets and had the power to excommunicate anyone they wished, in a body known as the Sanhedrin, they held power over doctrine and custom and relished their exalted place in religious society.”

He added, “They loved being deferred to, given the best seats in the synagogue, the highest places of honor at social functions and shown signs of respect on the streets and in the marketplaces. They kept the Jewish laws and commandments to the Nth degree, tithing even the herbs in their gardens, but they figured out a way to game the system. If the law didn’t specifically state that you should not evict widows and orphans from their homes or some other evil, profit-making scheme, they did it all under the veil of being the most righteous men in the nation.”

And explaining that he is not likening Trump to Jesus, only the situations in which both were, he pointed out that “the basic situations … are, in a secular frame of thought, very similar.”

“When Jesus came along healing the sick and raising the dead and preaching a salvation of laws written on the conscience instead of laws written on parchment, which could be circumvented, He threatened their high standing, their lives of luxury and power,” he said. “They even made the statement that if something wasn’t done about this charismatic young Galilean they could lose their place.”

Daniels, at more than 80 years old still carrying a full load of touring and recording duties, said, “The crux of this whole column is that what is happening in America, the high-handed methods of casting aspersions and threatening families cannot be allowed to continue.”