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Experts from the Liberty Counsel legal team, a longtime professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee are among those who contend a bill in California that defines counseling against same-sex attractions as “consumer fraud” could be used to ban the sale of Bibles in the state.

The bill, which is well on its way through the legislative process, targets those who counsel or offer advice and instruction on overcoming same-sex attractions.

Now a new video has been released that poses an unwelcome truth for the lawmakers who support the bill: testimonies from eight individuals who have overcome same-sex attractions.

Several of them now are married to opposite-sex partners and have children, and they testify change is possible through counseling and the power of Jesus Christ.

The video by Church United:

One testimony: “I picked up a Bible, highlighting every passage about an amazing God that was so beautiful and excellent in every way.”

She couldn’t help giving herself to God, and a short time later was startled to find she had affections for a man.

Now she’s been married 13 years.

Another testimony told of seeing change through counseling.

The video refutes the bill’s claim that change is impossible and, therefore, counseling toward that end is fraudulent.

Tony Perkins’ Family Research Council notes: “The movement by LGBT activists to abolish the practice of ‘sexual orientation change efforts’ (or, to critics, ‘conversion therapy’) has gotten a big boost with the push to pass California’s AB 2943. While earlier bans on this type of therapy only applied to licensed mental health providers and only to minor clients, AB 2943 would ban it for any client or any type of counselor (including a religious one) if there’s any exchange of money. One way the left is trying to destroy this type of therapy is by defining it as ‘consumer fraud.'”

But the pushback is growing.

“Because the bill applies to any sale of goods (not just services), and because ‘change’ is defined as including a change in behavior (not just attractions), Christians have pointed out that this bill could even be interpreted to ban the sale of books that help people change or to promote a biblical view of sexuality — potentially even the Bible itself,” the report said.

“The bill is clearly a threat to free speech and freedom of religion, which is why everyone should care about it,”

Just days ago, Huckabee called it a “terrible storm that’s brewing on the horizon.”

The bill would ban counseling, conferences and even printed materials that advocate for ways to get rid of unwanted same-sex attractions, and several experts have not only confirmed the vaguely written proposal could ban sales of Bibles, but one ministry expert has announced plans to boycott the state with his conferences.

“You may have heard the news or seen the reports, but people of faith in California are bracing for one of the most dramatic ideological shifts away from the First Amendment in our nation’s history,” Huckabee said. “It’s the kind of storm that destroys the foundations of liberty and a free society.”

He pointed out the bill, passed in the California Assembly 50-18 and soon to be voted on in the state Senate, “would make illegal any sale of goods or services that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation, behaviors or gender expressions.”

The governor, now serving as a commentator, said, “It prevents faith-led counselors from assisting clients with same-sex attraction or gender confusion. It prohibits churches from holding any ticketed events addressing topics of sexuality.

“But it’s FAR more reaching than that,” he said. “This means the sale of ANY book that states the practice of homosexuality or transgender identification as immoral actions would be illegal in California. …This could include the Bible!”

He said the bill’s sponsors deny it, but the “legal experts agree that AB 2943 is so broadly worded in its description of prohibited activities that it can easily be interpreted to stop the sale goods and services that promote a biblical worldview!”

He warned, “This is a massive attack on Christianity. It should alarm us that the constitutional problems inherent in the bill were not obvious to those in the California Assembly.”

WND reported a Colorado-based Christian group canceled conferences it planned to hold in the Golden State and instead will send students to “other states where we can tell them the truth.”

Jeff Myers, president of Summit Ministries, explained his group helps students “develop an intelligent, defensible Christian worldview before they go to college.”

He called the wording of California’s AB 2943, which bans commercial messages promoting counseling or therapy to free people from same-sex behavior, “a dog whistle to the left that intelligent Christians holding traditional views are fair game for discrimination, smears and frivolous lawsuits.”

His group, he said, for 55 years has held conferences at its headquarters in Manitou Springs, Colorado, and across the nation, “training nearly a half-million young Christians to become leaders in their schools, communities, churches, families and country.”

Summit Ministries, however, has canceled its June 10-23 and June 24-July 7 sessions at Biola University near Los Angeles “due to concerns that California will forbid some of what it teaches.”

Myers said his group’s speakers are “leading Christian experts who base their presentations on theology as well as sociology, psychology and science.”

The California bill, he said, in the state’s Business and Professional Code, would regard the offering of gay-conversion therapy as “consumer fraud.”

Under the bill, “offering to engage in, or engaging in sexual orientation change efforts with an individual” would constitute deceptive business practices and be subject to fines and penalties.

WND has reported a lawmaker and an LGBT activist have admitted the bill targets “pastors” and members of the “faith community.”

A video shows California state Assembly member Al Muratsuchi admitting that he wants to target people of faith.

The lawmaker argued the First Amendment “does not prohibit banning fraudulent conduct.”

“The faith community, like anyone else, needs to evolve with the times,” he charged.

Liberty Counsel, one of the first to raise concerns about the bill, explained it is so broad it “bans books, printed materials and advertisements that provide information that a person facing unwanted same-sex attractions or gender confusion can change.”

And further, in a speech at Google headquarters, LGBT activist Samuel Brinton promised to “figure out” how to stop “pastors” and churches from offering such counseling.

“I may not be able to find every little camp … every pastor, but I can make it something that is culturally unacceptable,” he said. “Yes, it’s directly affecting mental health professionals, but by proxy, it’s affecting everyone else.”

A longtime professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Robert A.J. Gagnon, the author of “The Bible and Homosexual Practice,” has some concerns. He wrote at The Federalist of the dangers.

The bill poses legal jeopardy for a “Bible study or house church leader, member of a parachurch organization working to help people afflicted by same-sex attractions, or indeed anybody who attempts change if goods or services involve an exchange of funds.”

“Read the bill. There is no religious exemption. There is no restriction to mental health professionals. There is not even a restriction to claims about changing a person’s sexual orientation or transgender feelings in whole or part. The bill is quite clear that any ‘efforts to change behaviors or gender expressions’ are included in the ban on attempts to change a person’s ‘sexual orientation,'” he said.

He continued: “So you would be violating the law if you advertise that Christ can empower people not to engage in homosexual practice or not to identify as ‘gay’ or ‘transgender’ because such behaviors and self-identities are morally wrong, or if you offer to engage or actually engage in efforts to persuade people of Christ’s power to transform in this area, you will be in violation of California AB 2943, at least so long as your advertising or efforts involved in any way an exchange of money for goods or services.”

Violations of A.B. 2943 could, he said, include “selling religious or secular books (pamphlets, videos, audios, etc.), holding conferences, teaching courses in a college or seminary where tuition is paid, giving a speech at a paid venue, counseling people for a fee, or perhaps even posting online articles in a site that requires a paid subscription, in which it is asserted (in whole or part) that it is morally wrong for people to engage in homosexual practice or identify as ‘gay’ or ‘transgender.'”

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