Hmm. Yesterday the real news was really bad. At least for some people. Gina Haspel was confirmed by the Senate as America’s new CIA director. That was bad news only if you were involved in the FBI operation that implanted operatives into the Trump campaign. The operation was run out of London with MI6. Why is Haspel bad news for the FBI? She was the CIA station chief in London during that time.

The Wiener’s laptop surfaced again, too. Amanda Kramer, an assistant U.S. attorney, requested the search warrant be unsealed. Ms. Kramer may not be sympathetic to the contents. She is the human trafficking coordinator in the U.S. attorney’s office for Southern District of New York.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his investigation into the FBI’s handling of Hillary’s classified emails. Many of the emails also ended up on the Huma/Wiener laptop. Horowitz referred his findings to the de facto second special counsel, John Huber, operating out of Salt Lake City, Utah. The word “criminal” referral wasn’t used, but U.S. attorneys don’t deal much with departmental policy, either.

Then back to New York, where U.S. Attorney Richard Donahoe’s temporary appointment by Attorney General Jeff Sessions ran out. A federal judge has reappointed him. I didn’t know judges did that. He’s a tough guy.

Well, enough of that meaningless gossip about America’s criminal cartels, which had a very bad Thursday. Fortunately for them, more human suffering emerged today. A Texas high school was shot up. A different gunman took to the Trump National Doral golf course in Miami-Dade. A civilian airliner crashed after takeoff from Cuba.

Suddenly, the cartels are out of the news. Who cares about treason, government spying on the opposing political campaign, along with embedding agents into that campaign, to a level that makes Nixon’s resignation over Watergate seem silly?

I guess I’m becoming jaded. Too many high-school shooters have had too many earlier brushes with the FBI or local law enforcement. Too many “fall through the cracks” of our wall-to-wall laws. Too many are the obvious product of American non-education.

Too many, way too many political assassinations and attempts are made by the left against the right. Today’s (and previous) Trump attacks against people and property. The congressional baseball game from last year. Las Vegas country music fans. Ronald Reagan.

Civilian airliners? They are insanely safe, provided the crew is properly trained and the plane well-maintained. But that may not always be true in small, impoverished nations. In most places you’re at more danger of being assaulted or killed by the whack-a-nut, alternative-reality passenger seated next to you than by equipment or crew failure. Sabotage, however, is an effective work-around.

Maybe the people who promote the reporting that bleeds all over the important news are really just incompetent. Maybe they simply worship mouse-clicks. Or maybe the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird has never really ended.

What does Earth’s Final Kingdom look like?

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