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Ray Comfort's new movie 'solves' school-shooting riddle

When a Christian evangelist asks you a question, any question, the answer always is “Jesus,” right?

Probably so.

But the question evangelist Ray Comfort poses in his new movie from Living Waters University, “School Shootings: The cause and the cure in less than 20 minutes … for those who want to know,” is a little more complicated.

Comfort is the brash filmmaker who confronts Americans where they live, in this case California.

He’s noted for projects such as “Hitler, God and the Bible,” “You Can lead An Atheist to Evidence, But You Can’t Make Him Think,” “Nothing Created Everything” and “God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists.”

He has also done “The Way of the Master” television show, and he has never been one to miss an opportunity ask people about Jesus.

The movie is part of a new series he has created, and it wasn’t planned to be released just yet.

But then the school shooting happened Friday in Santa Fe, Texas.

Ten dead, 10 injured. Correction, Comfort said: “ANOTHER 10 dead, and ANOTHER 10 injured, as school shootings have been erupting with too much regularity.”

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Comfort told WND, “It is because of this that we decided to release our new film today.

“The world doesn’t know why this is happening. We do,” he said. “Watch it freely. Share it immediately. Pray God uses it.”

As Comfort asks people on the street what is evil. Is someone who kills school children evil?

Are rapists evil?

The answers are what would be expected: Someone like that has a mental health problem. He’s sick.

Should such an offender be executed?

That’s a hard one.

Comfort presses for what people truly believe. He cites news reports of a previous school shooter.

“He said he was an atheist and that his life had no purpose, and other peoples’ lives had no purpose,” Comfort said.

“When nothing is evil, anything is acceptable,” he said.

On his YouTube page, Comfort said the answers are there, “for those who want to know.”

And he has more at LivingWaters.com.

He asks people on the street if they think about their own deaths.

“Shot in the back. This is California,” he pointed out.

See Ray Comfort’s many titles, including “Hitler, God and the Bible,” “You Can lead An Atheist to Evidence, But You Can’t Make Him Think,” “Nothing Created Everything,” and “God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists.”