“A true repentance shuns the evil itself, more than the external suffering or the shame.” – William Shakespeare

Once again, “The Bard” cuts deeply into the truth of human existence. If Freud and his offspring could have relieved humanity of the curse of evil, should we not by now all be healed? Why then, are we still plagued with the infantile fantasies of the political left? Do these people actually believe that their fantasies of a utopian world can be realized by giving absolute power to the most deluded and corrupt among us?

The fictions upon which modern men and women have erected their shining castles are nothing more than the shifting sands of a singular fantasy, from beginning to end. How many tens or hundreds of millions of people must the various “isms” running rampant in the world murder, before the truth becomes apparent to all who remain? Yet the repentance these ism-holics exhibit when exposed is as shallow and false as all of the things they “know to be true,” but which never have been, and never can be true.

Their lies and evil deeds go back to the beginning of time and will stretch out before us until the final judgment, when all that will remain of them is their screams of agony, as they take up residency in the the final sum of all the myriad of hells they created for the rest of us. Dante’s Inferno belongs in today’s classrooms. It is the snowflake antidote.

Repentance is an internal action, a transaction between the God who created us and the creatures who inhabit His creation. When we remove God from our own minds, we become the first casualties. We remove all accountability for what our actions bring about during our existence. If you haven’t seen that in the lives of the boomer generation and onward, then you have your head too far up your smart-device and have become impervious to observable truth.

Repentance is neither a human nor a godly act. It is a transaction that occurs between the Creator and the creature. Suffering and shame, the other part of Shakespeare’s observation, are external realities. That means they are something the rest of us can arrange for those who have wronged this nation and violated public trust. We not only can, we must do so; or there will be no nation to pass onto our children and their children.

Earth’s Final Kingdom. Are we witnesses?

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