Iranian 'morality police' haul a woman off the street in Tehran (Video screenshot)

Iranian ‘morality police’ haul a woman off the street in Tehran (Video screenshot)

Female “morality police” in Iran are seen in a newly circulated video dragging a woman off a Tehran street into their car.

Robert Spencer, on his Jihad Watch site, observed that “this kind of thing, and worse, has taken place in the Islamic Republic of Iran since its inception.”

But he emphasized that the increasing circulation of videos documenting the mullah-led regime’s tyranny “indicates the deep dissatisfaction that the Iranian people have” with their government.

“That dissatisfaction is only growing, and that regime may be reaching its last days,” he said.

The video of the incident in one of Tehran’s student areas show a hijab-clad officer struggling with the woman as other police officers rush to assist their colleague, the Daily Mail of London reported

The woman then is shoved into the back of an police unmarked car as she screams out for help from passers-by.

The person who shot the video said: “I’m a student on Amir Kabir University. This street is close to our university. The area itself is popular hangout place between girls and boys to socialize and to smoke.”

She said, according to the Daily Mail, that on her way back from university, she “realized that the morality police was dealing heavy-handedly with boys and girls.”

“When ordinary passers-by were drawing closer to the car of these policemen and policewomen, they faced threats of arrest and were told to mind their own business,” she said.

See the video:

In another similar recent incident, the Daily Mail said, a video showed a young Iranian woman being savagely beaten by female police officers who deemed her headscarf “insufficient” because it only loosely covered her hair.

The video was broadcast widely, the Daily Mail said, provoking an outpouring of public sympathy worldwide.

See video a previous arrest:

In 2014, six people were arrested in Iran for dancing in a YouTube video to Pharrell Williams’ hit song “Happy.”

Tehran Police Chief Hossein Sajedinia ordered the arrests for helping make an “obscene video clip that offended the public morals and was released in cyberspace,” the Iranian Students’ News Agency reported at the time. The young people were forced to repent on state TV.

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