A George Soros-endorsed social agency that receives funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development under an Obama program to dictate the racial makeup of neighborhoods now is suing HUD for more money.

Judicial Watch documented the ironic development in a report titled “Federal Agency Known for Fraud, Waste Finances Own Attacks.”

At issue is the halt of the Obama program, called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.

“The policy aims to transform nearly all of the nation’s neighborhoods with unprecedented low-income housing quotas and preferred ethnic and racial formulas,” the report explains.

It was delayed by HUD Secretary Ben Carson and finally suspended because a “tool” that was used to meet the AFFH requirements was “difficult to use and frequently produced unacceptable assessments.”

HUD said it spent more than $3.5 million on technical assistance for the initial round of AFFH submissions, and it just wasn’t working.

“HUD is withdrawing the tool to produce a more effective and less burdensome assessment tool,” the federal agency announced. “These improvements to the tool will make it more effective in assisting program participants with creation of meaningful assessments with impactful fair housing goals to help them plan to fulfill their legal obligation to affirmatively further fair housing.”

So immediately the National Fair Housing Alliance, a “nonprofit dedicated to ending housing discrimination and fostering diverse, inclusive communities,” and funded by HUD as well as Soros, sued HUD.

“Here’s an amusing – and unbelievable – story about the most overtly communist agency in the U.S. government financing its own attacks with taxpayer money,” Judicial Watch reported.

Carson first had delayed AFFH, describing the program as “a government-engineered attempt to legislative racial equality.”

Then he went further and suspended it, drawing the NFHA lawsuit.

“Records obtained by Judicial Watch show that the NFHA got more than $16 million in funding from HUD since 2009, including a $300,000 grant that was just awarded in March 2018 for fair housing enforcement. In 2016 NFHA received $475,000 from Soros’ Foundation to Promote Open Society specifically for ‘project support for AFFH work,’ documents obtained by Judicial Watch show. In the HUD complaint NFHA claims that killing Obama’s program was ‘arbitrary and capricious’ and ‘constitutes unlawful agency action,'” the Judicial Watch report said.

It also accuses Carson of being hostile towards AFFH long before he was named HUD secretary.

“In an article published in 2015, Secretary Carson criticized the AFFH Rule at length, equating it to ‘mandatory busing’ of schoolchildren.’ He condemned both the AFFH Rule and a Supreme Court decision recognizing that the Fair Housing Act bars disparate impact discrimination, stating that ‘based on the history of failed socialist experiments in this country, entrusting the government to get it right can prove downright dangerous,'” the complaint alleges.

The report said HUD itself has been plagued by multiple scandals in recent years.

“HUD was long overdue to deliver good news to American taxpayers and killing AFFH is a good start,” Judicial Watch said.

“Even after the Trump administration took over, HUD has continued funding many of Obama’s wasteful, socialist programs. Among them is a multi-million-dollar experiment that aims to transform slums into desirable middle-class neighborhoods. A few months ago the initiative, known as Choice Neighborhoods, got a $5 million infusion from the Trump administration.

“Before that Trump’s HUD gave dozens of leftist groups that purport to fight housing discrimination $37 million. The biggest chunk – $999,962 – went to NFHA, which had just attacked the president for terminating an Obama program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals—DACA) that protects hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants living in the U.S.,” Judicial Watch said.

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