Kim Jon-un impersonator Howard X (Video screenshot)

Kim Jon-un impersonator Howard X (Video screenshot)

It’s not really North Korean leader Kim Jong Un walking the streets of Singapore awaiting talks with President Trump on denuclearization, but he sure is a convincing look-alike.

A man named Howard X is already the talk of the town – and you can see why in this video:

He has been posing for selfies, shaking hands with tourists and posing for photos and TV newscasts.

Howard X, who speaks English flawlessly, said the purpose of his trip was to wish for a successful summit between the real Kim and Trump.

“It’s fantastic. I feel great being in Singapore,” said Howard X. “It’s just like Pyongyang, except they’ve got fast internet, great food and lots of money.”

Last week, Trump canceled the summit, accusing North Korea of “tremendous anger and open hostility.” He then suggested a day later that the meeting was still possible. And, on Sunday, the president said an American delegation was meeting with North Korean officials in preparation for the meeting.


Howard X clowned: “Look, if the summit is gonna happen, I’m going to guarantee it won’t just be me. Donald Trump, my good friend [Trump impersonator] Dennis Alan will be here as well. And we’ll be here satirizing the whole situation.”

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