You never know …

I was browsing the web and thought I’d check in on what the alt-left is writing at

There were a lot of predictable stories there on “the oldest and largest online community of Democratic Party and progressive activists.”

But there was just one headline that caught my eye – one I would never expect to see on such a forum.

It was a question headline: “Where are the babies?”


“Couldn’t be,” I said to myself. “Are Democrats actually asking why there are so few births taking place in America – the very people who see who see abortion as a sacramental rite, not to mention the first freedom?”

I dare you to read the story. It explains a lot about how Democrats think. See if you can follow the logic.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Never once does it mention abortion – the No. 1 killer of unborn babies.
  • Never once does it mention the LGBTQ-mania with which Democrats and progressives (or do I repeat myself?) have become obsessed.
  • Never once does it refer to their historic purposeful destruction of the traditional family unit.
  • Never once does it refer to the war on men and masculinity.
  • Never once does it refer to their victory in “liberating women” so that they all have to work to be fulfilled.

I love this line: “Almost a decade into the economic expansion that’s followed the recession, unemployment is down to about 4 percent, which should mean that everybody’s gung-ho to start families. Why aren’t they having babies?”

This is the world they created, yet can’t figure out why there are so few babies. It’s stunning.

It would be like the Canannites, following generations of child sacrifice asking themselves: “Hey, where are all our kids?”

Of course, they have their excuses – high cost of child care. (Yeah, that’s what happens when both parents work – simple economics.)

The high cost of health care. (Yeah, that’s what happens when you socialize it.)

But don’t worry, we’re told. “The low fertility rate isn’t a bad thing in and of itself – in the United States, we still have enough young people and kids entering the country as immigrants to keep our population levels fairly steady, so despite the falling fertility rate we’re not facing the kind of challenges that Japan is dealing with, where elderly adults outweigh the number of working citizens.”

Check it out. Republicans are from Earth. Democrats are from Uranus.

The solution? As more women gain power at work and in public office (particularly during the 2018 midterms!), we’re likely to see better policies for supporting young families, and then maybe more babies again.

Aren’t these Democratic women (and men as well) the biggest supporters of Planned Parenthood – otherwise known as Abortion Inc.?

“Where are the babies?” Only a Democrat could write a story under that headline without once ever mentioning abortion, the de-genderizing of America, the party’s own anti-men agenda, the wanton war on the nuclear family and radical feminism.

It never points out that while abortion numbers are declining in America year after year, there were still 650,000 lives destroyed by it in the latest years in which statistics have been kept.

And, of course, it never asks the most pressing question of all: Who in their right mind would want to bring a child into the kind of world the Democrats seek to create?

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

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