Scene from Richard Shaw's "The Truth About Gaza"

Scene from Richard Shaw’s “The Truth About Gaza”

A new film, “The Truth About Gaza,” contests the establishment media’s coverage of the violent incursion at the Gaza border May 14, which took place on the 70th anniversary of what the Palestinian’s call “Nakba Day,” or the “Day of Catastrophe,” in which an estimated 700,000 Arabs fled their homes as Arab nations attacked Israel upon its independence.

Shaw says in the 22-minute film’s opening that while he was in Israel he “investigated the reality of the Palestinian situation and Hamas, and found “it’s nothing like the news media portrays, and I’m so tired of the biased reporting that I’ll try to show you what is really going on.”

He found, as have others, that the Palestinians are “being forced into acting on behalf of Hamas, a terrorist organization,” through intimidation and, at times, monetary rewards.

“Hamas doesn’t care about whether (Palestinians) they live or die. All they care about is killing Jews in Israel.”

Shaw interviews Dan Gordon, a reserve combat infantry officer with the Israel Defense Forces, who said was on a hill watching as Hamas operatives were “literally pushing” Palestinian civilians toward the border fence, telling them Israeli soldiers already have fled, “Go charge the fence.”

“We had 40,000 Palestinians facing us on [May 14],” he said, who included Hamas terrorists armed with incendiary kites and a variety of firearms and bombs, and camouflaged by smoke created by burning tires.

“They were firing live fire at us, and I’m talking about automatic weapons, grenade launchers. They were planting pipe bombs and IEDs along the fences. We caught them in the act. I was right there when one of them went off.”

The film includes other interviews that offer insight into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the recent clash at the border.

The trailer for “The Truth About Gaza” can be viewed at this site, and the film can be streamed for $1.25.

Another short film on the Gaza riots, by award-winning French filmmaker Pierre Rehov, apparently was too much for YouTube, which shut down his account Wednesday “for violating YouTube’s community guidelines.”

See Pierre Rehov’s two-part documentary “Behind the Smokescreen” and “The Great Deception”:

Rehov wrote to his followers: “My Youtube account has been closed by Youtube. They got down my videos one after the other, and finally closed the account. You can still watch some of my work here:

After releasing the first part of his documentary, Rehov told the Jerusalem Post he did the film “because I observed many times first hand how Palestinians build their propaganda, and I strongly believe that no peace will be possible as long as international media believe their narrative instead of seeing the facts.”

“Hamas knows that it can count on the international community when it launches initiatives such as those ‘peaceful protests’ which have claimed too many lives already, while Israel has no choice but to defend its borders,” Rehov said.

His film documents the chief Hamas objective of eliminating the Jewish state, showing, among other things, Palestinian protesters holding a map of “Palestine,” with no Israel.

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