Tarot cards (Pixabay)

Tarot cards (Pixabay)

Pagan tarot cards are all the rage, again, reports the BBC – and who’s to blame? Donald Trump.

The story quotes Karen Vogel who began designing tarot cards in her home in Berkeley in the 1970s, starting “Motherpeace Tarot” with her business partner Vicki Nobel.

“We had academic backgrounds in anthropology, women’s studies and history,” explains Vogel. “We were also interested in alternative healing methods and the Goddess movement, so tarot felt like a good way to combine all these.”

The goddess niche caught fire.

“Then, a couple of years ago, their business took an astonishing turn,” reports the BBC. “In 2016, Christian Dior approached the former roommates with a proposal. The Paris fashion house wanted to create a collection inspired by Motherpeace’s iconic product.”

Now the tarot designs are a fashion fad – featuring the “Five of Swords,” the “Priestess of Wands” and, of course, the “Death cards.”

“Our sales have been up 268 percent in the past six months,” says Vogel.

A publisher of tarot games says sales across the industry were up by 30 percent in 2017.

Why now?

“Vogel credits Dior’s ethereal, tarot-inspired dresses with boosting the visibility of the centuries old practice across the world,” the report explains. “But she insists there are other reasons for tarot’s accelerating popularity.”

One of them, of course, is Trump.

“Our societies are going through an extreme sense of alienation,” says Vogel, mentioning Donald Trump’s presidency. “People are lonely and angry. Tarot helps them to cope with insecurity in these difficult times.”

Canadian sociologist Mike Sosteric, who studies tarot, human spirituality and the occult had this to offer: “When we were younger, change used to be much slower and gradual. Now, the world is changing at a more rapid pace than ever. This leads us to a time of crisis and drives people to seek big answers for big questions. Through tarot, people can mimic a sense of control.”

He adds many people find it hard to relate to traditional religions, which often carry patriarchal values, and are turning instead to alternative belief systems.

Apparently many tarot aficionados like to cast spells on Trump with the cards.

Tina Gong, a New York-based designer and witch, says the rise of tarot has “everything to do with our current political and socio-economic environment”.

She adds: “Tarot is to reclaim that control when we feel we lack it.”

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