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Comey 'involved in collusion' to stop Trump

Then-President Barack Obama and James Comey in the Rose Garden of the White House, June 21, 2013, as Obama announced Comey’s nomination to succeed Robert Mueller as FBI director (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Justice Department inspector general report showed that former FBI Director James Comey not only usurped the powers of the attorney general, he was involved in collusion to interfere in the 2016 presidential election by ensuring Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was not indicted.

Constitutional scholar and radio and TV host Mark Levin said Comey was part of a “cabal” along with former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, FBI counterespionage agent Peter Strzok, bureau lawyer Lisa Page and others.

“They interfered with this presidential election worse than the Russians could have ever dreamed of,” Levin said in an interview with the Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity Thursday night after the IG report was released.

Commenting on the report’s many examples of texts and instant messages demonstrating political bias, Levin noted there is “not a single pro-Trump text.”

“There’s not a single anti-Hillary text. There’s not a single pro-Trump senior FBI official. There’s not a single anti-Hillary FBI official. This was a cabal. And what these people had as their purpose, to interfere with a presidential election,” he said.

Addressing the report’s documentation of FBI employees being given gifts and tickets to sporting events and golf outings, apparently in exchange for leaks, Levin said “the buck stops with Comey.”

“This is Comey. Comey disgraced. McCabe, criminal referrals. Have you ever heard of an FBI like this? You have obstruction,” he said.

Levin said Comey “spent months trying to make sure Hillary Clinton was protected,” because “if they had impaneled a federal grand jury and played by the book she would have been indicted.”

“And the Democratic Party would have had to have another convention and find another candidate. They couldn’t allow that, they had to defeat Trump,” he said.

Regarding FBI Director Christopher Wray’s press conference Thursday, Levin said he found it troubling that the director’s solution was to give training to every agent to make sure they are unbiased in their investigations.

“And I thought to myself, they are unbiased in their investigations. The vast majority of the FBI investigations,” said Levin. “Why are you trashing your own agency?”

Levin emphasized the problem isn’t “Joe FBI Agent” or “Sally FBI Agent.”

“The problem is Jim Comey. The problem is McCabe. The problem is Strzok. The problem is Page. The problem is that whole crowd.”

Levin noted that Clinton dispatched a tweet in which she pointed out that the IG report found that even Comey used his personal email for government business.

“But Hillary, you violated the Espionage Act and Jim Comey protected you,” Levin said. “You could very well be in an orange jumpsuit today, and I am quite, quite serious. But you aren’t and you should thank God for that.”

See Sean Hannity’s interview Thursday with Mark Levin: