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Facebook bans 'imam of peace' for mocking Hamas

Mohammad Tawhidi, who describes himself at the “imam of peace” for his criticism of Islamic terrorists, claims Facebook removed his page because he mocked the Palestinian supremacist group Hamas.

In a June 4 tweet, Tawhidi said Facebook “has blocked my profile and unpublished my Fan page because I spoke sarcastically of terrorist Hamas and called them a ‘Global Charity Organisation’ after launching a missile into a Jewish kindergarten. Judge for yourself.”

Tawhidi, who lives in Australia, also posted a video on YouTube in which he appeals to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to restore his page.

“Your silencing me only allows the extremists to win,” he said.

He explained he uses social media platforms “to counter the ideology of Islamic extremism, Islamicism and militant Islamicism.”

His aim is to bridge divides between communities, he said, and promote peace.

Facebook didn’t give him the opportunity to appeal, he said, so he decided to do it through a video.

“Dear Mark Zuckerberg, it will be very embarrassing for you if I turned around and reached out to my diplomatic relations team and made sure that you were questioned in one of the hearings about why Facebook pages belonging to Islamic extremists are not taken down, in fact verified, and the page of a moderate imam has been taken down.”

He said he hoped the problem was only that Facebook’s “automatic system” shut down his page because of complaints by “extremists,” which happened to him before.

Tawhidi said that in the last year, nearly 100,000 people have followed his page because of his content.

“You do not want to be questioned about my page, Mark Zuckerberg. It’s not good for you or for your company. Therefore, give me back my page and allow me to operate by criticizing jihadis in order that they do not op with minimal to no criticism.

“This is my job and this is my duty,” he said. “What I am doing is benefiting the world.”

See Tawhidi’s video: