“Almost abusive.”

That’s how the producer of “The Trump Prophecies” said Facebook has been treating him regarding his attempts to advertise his movie.

Fox News reports Facebook is “blocking” ads for the production.

The movie is based on the book on retired firefighter Mark Taylor’s prediction April 28, 2011, in the middle of a debilitating sickness that Trump would become president.

It wasn’t until Nov. 8, 2016, that the world witnessed the impossible, even as the early returns seemed to portend a loss for the Republican Party.

Taylor’s story ended up in the hands of New York Times best-selling authors Don and Mary Colbert.

The book explains:

  • How God will use anyone regardless of education, background or health to communicate His message to the church;
  • What led to the miracle of the 2016 election, the role of We the People for the will of God in the future, and what the Body of Christ needs to do to keep His blessing on our nation;
  • How the enemy has utilized techniques of distraction to keep the Body’s focus off of God and onto internal, demoralizing disputes and how this can be overcome;
  • Astounding, world-altering changes in the U.S. that Taylor sees on the horizon;
  • The positive message of hope and encouragement that points to fresh methods of spreading the Gospel to the lost.

Watch the trailer for the book version of “The Trump Prophecies”:

Rick Eldridge, the producer of the film version, told Fox News of the censorship.

“The name ‘Trump’ requires a reaction. Unfortunately people try to come up with a conclusion before they know what the story is about. We‘re not doing political ads but that’s what we’re being accused [of],” he said.

When “Prophecy” producers tried to appeal the ban of their ads, Facebook responded by saying “the text and/or imagery you’re using qualifies as political, based on the definition we’re using for enforcement,” Fox News reported.

“I know issues with Trump are often charged, but if you watch the movie it’s not really about Trump as much as the events that occurred leading up to the election,” film director Stephan Schultze, the head of the cinematic arts department at Liberty University, told Fox.

“Unlike the book it is based on, which gathers the accounts of retired firefighter Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert talking about Trump prophecies, Eldridge said the movie only focuses on one prophecy from Taylor: that Trump would become president and impact the relationship between America and Israel,” Fox said.

And, the report said, another prophecy, not included in the movie, “is that President Barack Obama will be charged with treason.”

Schultze explained 63 students, in addition to some faculty members, at Liberty gained “real life, real hands on experience” working on the film.

Eldridge told Fox he hopes the film gives people a better understanding of what to pray for based on the Bible verse 2 Chronicles 7:14.

“I think the story is really at its core about prayer and it’s about calling our nation to prayer. We are a divided nation in a lot of ways, but when you look at leadership … when you look at it from a biblical perspective, we are called to pray for our leaders … whoever is in authority over us,” he said.

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