If you’re a conservative who still appreciates the concept that laws are meant to be obeyed and scofflaws need to be punished – these are troubling times.

If you’re a conservative and live in Northern California – as am I – you are continually the target in print and in broadcast media as being nothing short of a Nazi.

It’s infuriating to hear reporters and talk show hosts rail on and on about how awful “we” are and hear them constantly refer to the president in foul language that, not long ago, would never have been allowed on the air.

Then again, that’s the attitude in most media across the country toward President Donald Trump and anyone who agrees with his statements and goals in dealing with what is, in reality, an invasion of this country by people from south of the border but also from around the world.

How did we get to the point that outright law-breakers are given sympathy and the people who are for law and order are regarded as out of control?

Despite the fact that our immigration laws have needed “fixing” for decades, we still have laws on the books which are continually being ignored, and more and more people accept that as perfectly OK.

According to the law – bottom line – a person can come into this country by following immigration law and they’ll be a legal alien. They can move on to full citizenship if that’s what they desire, by following more laws over time.

On the other hand, if they sneak across the border and disappear into our population, they are, in fact, an illegal alien. It’s a legal, descriptive term, and yet the liberals turn blue in the face defending these lawbreakers, screaming that no one is an “alien” – i.e. from outer space.

Regardless, so many of these illegals are here that they’ve been given more and more citizens’ rights and not enough people are objecting. Want a driver’s license? OK. How about voting? OK. Use a stolen social security number to get work? OK. Take advantage of all the social services our system makes available to needy citizens? OK.

Leftists, progressives, Democrats, liberals say all that is really OK and in fact, more money in needed. As I write this, the California legislature is dealing with huge budget proposals to, as Democrat Assemblyman David Chu of San Francisco says, “protect our immigrant workers.” Some proposals were accepted, others are still being hashed out, such as full health care and tax breaks for “undocumented Californians.”

Yeah – forget “illegal’; say “undocumented,” which is now the “in” term.

It’s not that nothing is being spent. Forty-five million dollars goes to immigrant legal services. More than $21 million to colleges and universities.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the Department of Social Services got $3 million last year for undocumented minors; next year, it’ll be $10 million.

Another $10 million is appropriated to provide legal services – teams of lawyers and investigators – for those facing deportation.

Included in their work is enforcing the law that requires employers to tell employees if they’ve been contacted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Failure to do that results in fines up to $10,000.

These are just some of the bottom-line demands by the Democrat-controlled legislature in California to deal with the increasing costs of dealing with illegals in the state. Where the money is coming from – read, taxpayers – is never mentioned.

These figures have nothing to do with the ongoing issue of how illegal alien children are dealt with – whether they are separated from their parents after they cross the border and how they’re treated.

The media lies are rampant – one of the worst, the cover of Time Magazine, with the picture of a little crying immigrant girl facing a big image of Donald Trump.

The implication and the accusations against Trump are that he supports tearing such children from their mothers’ arms.

The only problem is this child was standing next to her mother as the mom was being searched and the child was crying for no more than 20 seconds. Her father and border guards corroborated this.

So much for honest reporting, but the lie was repeated endlessly across the country for nearly two weeks.

Another media lie – that the Trump administration is keeping migrant children in holding cells. The only problem was that the pictures of that were from 2014, the days of the Obama administration and not Trump.

Now, after a day or so as they are processed, the children go to dorm-style detention centers with bunk beds, educational materials and activities suited for their ages. It’s a far cry from the Democrat accusations about mistreatment.

The real issue perhaps should be about parents who would allow their children to travel the thousands of miles across Mexico alone or with coyotes, strangers who are hired to escort them and who often rape them on the trip or, in many cases, leave them in the desert to die … but of course keeping the money for which they were paid to be an escort.

Just two weeks ago, Border Patrol agents near the small town of Lukeville, Arizona at the Mexican border, found a 6-year-old Costa Rican boy in the desert, without food or water. The temperature was 100 degrees. The child told agents he was on his way to see his mother and that the man he had been with told him the Border Patrol would pick him up.

The child was lucky. He was in good shape and sent to Tucson for further processing. The smuggler he had been with was not found. This is just one instance but many similar situations end with a dead child.

There’s more to this and I’ll look at that next week – your tax dollars at work saving illegals in our country.

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