The main scream misleadia, propaganda arm of the deep state, aka American Pravda, have long since left even their leftist reporting and gone to heckling.

The prime example is CNN’s Jim Acosta reprehensibly shouting at President Trump and Chairman Kim as they made history. His behavior is not even juvenile rudeness. It is the childish antics of a spoiled brat wanting attention. Collectively, it is the Trump Derangement Syndrome. But that is too kind for the higher ups that fund this stuff. They are saboteurs who are trying to destroy the populist MAGA movement Trump represents. Horrors! Trump and his supporters want to go by the Constitution and have real borders. And as such he is enemy No. 1. When there is nothing to distort they make things up and try to project them into the minds of their undiscerning minions. Mueller’s Star Chamber witch hunt comes to mind. When they cannot deny 500 days of record accomplishments and that history was made in Singapore, they play it down or ignore it.

The American people may soon turn bouncers and throw these bums out. I would not buy CNN stock. Rather, invest in “The Liberal Mind the Psychological Causes of Political Madness” by Lyle Rossiter Jr., M.D., and “The Rewriting of America’s History” by Catherine Millard. Skip to the conclusion, which begins on page 395, and note especially the the section on psychopolitics, which begins on page 398.

Mueller is not looking for political intrigue. He is conducting it.

Daniel Harms

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