James Comey speaks at the White House following his nomination by President Barack Obama to be the next director of the FBI, 21 June 2013 (White House photo)

James Comey speaks at the White House following his nomination by President Barack Obama to be the next director of the FBI, June 21, 2013 (White House photo)

If you really want to know what Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz found in his 18-month review of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, you need to read the unvarnished facts presented in the report rather than the relatively benign executive summary from which the establishment media is deriving its narrative, contends talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh.

The “unfiltered” texts, he said, “give the greatest indication of who these people were in the FBI and what they were doing.”

He pointed to a text in which FBI agent Peter Strzok – a lead investigator in both the Clinton email and the Russia probes – said regarding the Russia investigation, “My gut sense and concern tells me there is no big ‘there’ there.”

Limbaugh commented: “Here is the guy leading the investigation, hiring the informants,” referring to the FBI agents found to have been embedded in the Trump campaign to surveil it.

As WND reported, five FBI employees have been referred by the Justice Department inspector general for investigation in connection with “hostile,” politically charged texts and instant messages.

Strzok, the talk host said, is “everywhere in this, steering it away from Hillary and toward Trump based on a personal animus.”

“The idea that there is no bias in this is poppycock,” said Limbaugh.

When Horowitz says in his executive summary that he found no documentary evidence of political bias affecting the outcome of the investigation, Limbaugh concluded, “he’s playing word games, because he counts bias, he tablets it, he adds it up all during the report.”

What Horowitz means, said Limbaugh, is “he can’t find a document where they sat down and wrote, ‘Because we are Democrats, we want Hillary to win. So therefore we’re gonna destroy Trump.'”

But bias is “all over” the inspector general’s report, the talk host emphasized.

“The guy leading the Russia investigation, the guy trying to set up (Trump campaign volunteer George) Papadopoulos, the guy running the informants — Peter Strzok — the guy having an affair says in a text to his paramour, ‘My gut sense and concern when it comes to the Russia investigation is there’s no big ‘there’ there.”

Strzrok, said Limbaugh, “knew there was no collusion!”

“And look what they manufactured and are still manufacturing,” he said. “I’m telling you: This is why if Mueller was indeed this man of integrity and honor, he would shut this down.”

The special counsel probe, Limbaugh said, is “based on absolute nothing but a bunch of bogus, unprofessional, shameful behavior by a bunch of FBI agents.”

Limbaugh also pointed out how the texts display the Washington establishment’s view of conservatives.

“They have contempt for you,” he said. “You’re too stupid and dumb to live your life responsibly.”

He noted the Horowitz report documents texts between unnamed FBI agents, Agent 1 and Agent 5, in which Trump supporters are described as “uneducated, lazy POS that think he will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing.”

Limbaugh commented: “That’s the attitude of all of these people inside the FBI toward you in the people who voted for Donald Trump, and that’s why they had to overturn this election.”

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