About a week or so ago, I received an irate email from one of my readers stating that they were going to cancel their subscription to the streaming TV service Netflix due to that network recently signing a $50 million production deal with none other than former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle. As reported in WND, the agreement will have the Obamas producing various content, including at least one scripted series, as well as various documentaries and other features.

Although I certainly understand my reader’s disgust, I was a little surprised. One reason for this is because I had heard about the Netflix deal with the Obamas about a week prior to the deal having been inked and reported.

I was also surprised that my reader and fellow Netflix binger was so taken aback by the move. Although – as I’ve indicated before here – I do enjoy certain programming on that particular network, it’s always been pretty clear to me that Netflix has no problem presenting much of the same leftist, pop-culture social engineering as broadcast networks.

Sure, Netflix does feature and produce some great stuff that has few if any noxious political or cultural overtones, but most of their most noteworthy productions fall well within the parameters of that which has caused so many of us to abandon broadcast TV and cable.

For example, “Orange is the New Black” may be Netflix’s most popular original series. It’s a comedy-drama that features the exploits of female inmates in a minimum-security federal prison. Like most of the network’s original shows, it is very well-produced, but it’s difficult to get around the offering being little more than a platform for lesbianism. As one might imagine, since these are convicted criminals we’re talking about, they make for some really skeevy lesbians too.

The Netflix original teen drama series “13 Reasons Why” is dark, coming-of-age fare. The show was recently blamed by a Florida mother for leading to her teen daughter’s suicide attempt. Apparently, the show’s main character commits suicide in the first season.

“Bill Nye Saves the World” is (ostensibly) a science panel talk show hosted by Emmy-winner Bill Nye “The Science Guy.” Nye, who has a degree in mechanical engineering, is not a scientist, although he did meet Carl Sagan once. Naturally, his show advances the junk science orthodoxy of the left and is likely to be taken as holy writ by those who don’t know better simply because Nye wears a bow tie and lab coat.

The central theme here is moral ambivalence, of course. I could have continued listing those Netflix original shows that have freakazoid tendencies, but it would have gotten really tedious. In truth, Netflix’s modus operandi is no different than what National Public Radio (NPR) and the PBS television network have been doing for decades – luring their audience in with apolitical quality content, and then harpooning them with radical leftist dogma when they get close to the boat.

Netflix also streams most of the most popular broadcast TV series as well. These have become abject propaganda, whether dramas, comedies, or action features. At this point I’ve lost count of the veiled slurs against Donald Trump that are contained within the scripting. Add to this the inclusion of homosexual characters having homosexual problems with no context whatsoever (like in a superhero series, for example), the routine validation of Black Lives Matter and the summary worship of all that pays homage to far left orthodoxy, and it’s easy to see how anyone uninitiated into leftist doctrine could grow disgusted.

As far as lining the pockets of two people who should be languishing in a federal penitentiary, such nepotistic sleazery should be expected between the Obamas and media types. For a veritable compendium of our former president’s crimes, one need only examine my archive.

In the final analysis, it is fortunate for us that we can choose to pay or not to pay for Netflix, whereas our tax dollars go to NPR and PBS whether we like it or not.

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