Pregnant Prom Queen costume

Pregnant Prom Princesses – say what?

Here’s an age-old problem being approached in a novel way. Instead of rearing young people to embrace self-control and common sense – and considering premarital pregnancy as a crisis situation – today’s model is fêting foolishness. If you haven’t heard the term, get ready for the Pregnant Prom Princess.

That’s right. A lecture, a limo and maybe even a taste of champagne used to mark that senior year of high school formal ball experience. Today’s accessory, however, is a baby bump, or should that be “blob” since pregnancy is now the anticipation of who-knows-what when applied to human beings.

A cat carries a litter of kittens; but a woman, despite the advances in technology that clearly demonstrate the existence of a distinct human life, is really only carrying a blob of undefined who-knows-what. If she wants to remove the blob, no problem; it’s her decision, and nobody had better say a thing about it. Should she choose to define said blob as a child then, voila, out comes the red carpet.

Enter the Pregnant Prom Princess – that’s a high school-aged girl who has chosen in many instances to get pregnant on purpose, determined to strut her stuff (highlight on the “bump”).

“High school proms always have something of a Cinderella quality: Kids who usually slouch around in T-shirts and sneakers are transformed by formal wear into glamorous princes and princesses for the night,” the Times reports. “For teenage mothers, the fairy-tale factor is even more potent. They can shake off the responsibilities of parenthood for a few hours and feel free.”

So what’s wrong with this picture? The fairy tale factor is something we can all appreciate, right? Everyone needs a break. Or is promoting a fairy tale at the expense of reality pushing an agenda of poverty, bloated government expense and extended dependency? Forget feeling free, you won’t be really – ever.

And yet, “At Sheila C. “Skip” Nowell Leadership Academy, a public charter school in Rhode Island that opened in 2013, two-thirds of the approximately 160 students are either pregnant or already parents.” Ouch-me. Two-thirds of the students are pregnant or parents already? Doesn’t anyone teach the truth that unwed pregnancy is the royal road to cyclical poverty?

Pass on the scepter, girls. Get pregnant without a husband, education and some viable means of support and you’ll establish a kingdom of nothing but fantasy. (But then, abortionists are waiting to reap the harvest of poor choices and pocket the cash from selling off the dream baby that doesn’t seem so “dreamy” anymore.) Childcare at the school runs approximately $125K per year, provided by taxpayers.

So what is this pregnant prom princess trend? An acknowledgement of reality that young women do get pregnant? With babies? Or another dangerous degradation of reality that will only lead to girls prostituting themselves even more in an attempt to be fashionable and celebrated?

And if you think this is an overreaction, check out the conflicting messages in the games featured below to get an idea how young girls are being misled to confuse pregnancy with playtime and dress up:

No wonder young women aren’t behaving as such, but rather lolling in some fantasy that promiscuity will empower you, make you popular and/or fuel your fantasies. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Gentlemen (and ladies), start your engines; 5G is coming

5G is the new wireless bandwidth that has the telecom industry buzzing. Put simply, that’s current 4G connectivity – the innovation that brought us live streaming videos, instant chat and remote internet – times one hundred at ten times the speed. Four hundred times faster than the blink of an eye. The wireless freeway has gotten wider, too, and the speed limit is such that technology is surpassing Autobahn proportions with increased users demanding more and more data space to access an explosion of applications.

How will this new breakthrough affect you? The breakout, according to Harding Loevner, is as follows:

  1. Wireless internet speeds will surpass cable broadband and potentially also fiber optic cable
  2. The “internet of things” will have mass industrial applications for the first time
  3. Communication lag will fall to one millisecond – faster than the speed at which humans perceive touch response as instantaneous – giving rise to new, “tactile internet” applications such as remote surgery

Remote surgery? While this technology isn’t exactly new, the application of it could be. Instead of a physician using a remote device at the end of the gurney where a patient, if they’re not knocked out, worries over the menacing of a mechanical arm, doctors could work from further distances. The next room? Another hospital? Another country?

That’s yes, yes, and – in theory – yes. A cardiologist vacationing in Bali, thanks to the advances offered by 5G, its lag time faster than humanly detectable, could squeeze in that pesky exploratory that scheduling conflicts have made impossible.

Check out the following video to get the basics on a topic with limitless potential:

Is your mind racing with possibilities – or reaching overload? Whichever it may be, 5G is coming and the world, as we know it (or interact with it) will be changing … whether for good or ill is the question. Each door opened for the sake of improvement always contains new challenges, ethical dilemmas, and a Pandora’s box of the unexpected.

Fasten your seatbelts. The ride may not be bumpy but it’s guaranteed to be mind blowing.

Crocodile love

Crocodile love

All hail the sacred snapper!

While technology is attempting to make gods of mankind – technology, anyway – a remote community in Bazoulé, a small village in the West African nation of Burkina Faso sticks with tradition. Simply put, they cleave to their ancient beliefs wherein crocodiles – thanks to a 15th century legend – are revered and welcome.

Back in the day, a drought nearly wiped out these villagers’ ancestors when a scaled croc led womenfolk to an unknown water source. People and animals found relief – and life. Both man and beast survived and thrived. The crocodile has been revered ever since, accommodated, fed and even given burial rites upon passing.

Since villagers grow up with crocodiles, a given considering the local pond features a good hundred or more of them, the relationship doesn’t seem odd to them.

“We got used to the crocodiles when we were young, swimming in the water with them and all that,” said Pierre Kabore, just a few metres (yards) away from a crocodile feasting on chicken provided by the village according to Yahoo. “Now we can always approach them and sit on them — and if you have the courage, you can lie on them too. There’s no problem, they are sacred crocodiles. They don’t do anything to anyone.”

The video below lends the appropriate visual. Check. It. Out.

There’s even a yearly festival called Koom Lakre where locals offer sacrifice (more chicken, perhaps?) and seek the intercession of these prehistoric animals to obtain all manner of things from a bountiful crop to wealth and improved health.

The crocs have also drawn a good deal of tourism to the region. Visitors are encouraged to lure the crocs out of the pond by way of chicken on a stick. Yummy.

So if tech advances have you down, maybe a trip to West Africa could lift your spirits, lending that real life experience that’s really living before the internet shuts that down.

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