How’s that for a provocative headline?

I don’t employ it casually or lightly, though I suspect Satan wouldn’t like you reading of my work.

Nevertheless, I’m going to tell you about the extraordinary spiritual opposition I am experiencing centering around my new book, “The Gospel in Every Book in the Old Testament,” currently in release only in early e-book form at and the WND Superstore, but set for nationwide hardcover release in September.

I am convinced Satan is pulling out all the stop to subvert the most important book I have ever written.

What’s interesting to me about this is the fact that it may be, in many ways, the least controversial book I’ve ever done. It’s pure Gospel. In Christian circles, it already has a broad consensus of endorsement from high-profile church leaders, theologians, scholars and luminaries – from Franklin Graham to Mike Huckabee to Eric Metaxas to Greg Laurie to Jonathan Cahn to Ray Comfort to Jack Van Impe to Ben Kinchlow and dozens more.

If you like the Gospel, you’ll love this book. If you don’t, you probably don’t like the Gospel or you don’t understand it. Aside from the well-known endorsements, I’ve given the book to dozens of friends – Catholics, Protestants, messianic Jews, non-denominational Christians, Calvinists, Arminians, you name it. Every single one raves about the book. They wonder why someone has never done a systematic study of this kind – particularly with an eye out for the Gospel Jesus preached, what He called, “the Gospel of the Kingdom.”

But, of course, who was it that opposed Jesus – who tempted Him in the wilderness? Who is it that hates the Gospel more than anyone?

And that’s the kind of opposition I am experiencing. It’s palpable. It’s not like anything I have ever before witnessed in my own life.

Why am I baring my soul like this publicly? Because I know I am talking to the widest audience of friends I can reach. I desperately covet your prayers to strengthen me for this challenge.

After all, that is the greatest weapon Jesus has given us. It is what He Himself relied upon during His earthly ministry. Indeed, when He taught us to pray, He twice referenced the Kingdom, which is central to finding the Gospel in all 39 books of the Hebrew Scriptures. And when Jesus returns to set up His Kingdom, He will be tearing down the current prince of this world, will He not?

What I will not do is go into many specifics about the opposition I am experiencing – the kind that affects everyone around me. It comes in many forms – from financial crisis to health challenges to technology breakdowns to a multitude of distractions.

I absolutely believe that only the power of Holy Spirit-led prayer can overcome opposition like this. There’s no power like it on Earth – certainly not demonic power. Please surround me, my family and my team in prayer today, tomorrow and through September as we do everything we can to get this book out to people who want it and need it to spread the Good News of repentance, redemption and restoration.

But I would be remiss and less than candid if I did not ask you for financial support as well for this book that has Satan so concerned.

I also ask you to do whatever you can to support this project in its critical hour –and there are at least six ways you can do that right now:

  1. Pray for me and those who are working so hard to make this book successful by reaching as many people with this unique Gospel message around the world.
  2. Make tax-deductible grants and donations in any amount online through the missions organization >Gospel for All Nations or by mailing checks to GFAN at 580 E Street – PO Box 100, Hawthorne, NV 89415-0100.
  3. Don’t care about tax deduction? You can also contribute directly to WND here.
  4. Want to learn more about this project so you can surround it in prayer? Visit
  5. Want an immediate copy of the early e-book version? You can order “The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament” in e-book form from Amazon or from the WND Superstore and begin reading it today! Your purchase will help offset the imminent costs of the hardcover edition.
  6. Once you read the e-book, I would encourage you to post your reviews on and share your thoughts about it on social media.

Thank you! And please act quickly. I am besieged.

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