Hi, Joseph. I noticed your column “De Niro: Shut up and act!” Precisely!

When Hollywood stars get political, it makes me wonder why Looney Tunes characters aren’t weighing in too! These folks live in the world of pretend. Watching De Niro unleashing his potty mouth at Trump gives the impression he’s finally lost touch with reality. During formal interviews, it’s not always clear if screen idols are being themselves or simply acting. Supermarket tabloids are plastered with these unstable folks.

As you know, Hollywood cranks out blood-spattered entertainment on a massive scale. Long-term exposure to on-screen violence can’t be healthy – garbage in, garbage out. Just listen to teens getting mouthy on a street corner. It sounds like a typical gangster movie, streaming threats of violence are punctuated with the F-word! There’s room for an additional movie rating: SA, or Satanically Approved entertainment!


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