For most of my life, I’ve given those on the political left the benefit of the doubt. I assumed that they sincerely wanted to solve the problems that plagued the world: poverty, disease, education and so on.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve decided that’s no longer true. There are fewer and fewer areas where we have any common ground. If a policy doesn’t further the left’s cause du jour, they oppose it.

Take tax cuts, for example. The economy seems to like them. Record low unemployment. Small business optimism. Employees seem quite happy with those thousand-dollar “crumbs” Nancy Pelosi complained about. (In fairness, when you’ve made as much money in politics as Nancy has, thousands probably do look like crumbs.)

The left wants Democrats to campaign against the tax cuts in the midterm elections. “Elect us! We’ll raise your taxes, leave you with less money, and give what we take to somebody else.” Sounds like a winning slogan to me. Go for it!

It’s when we touch on crime, however, that the left reveals itself. Let’s start with immigration. The left seems incapable of understanding that someone who arrives here illegally – they bypassed our borders and laws for becoming a citizen – is already a criminal. They don’t have to commit crimes against American citizens before they are guilty. They are guilty for entering the country illegally.

You will never get a leftist to agree with that. If they are so opposed to the existing immigration laws, why didn’t they work to change them during the Obama era? The first two years they had the entire federal government. What prevented them, other than the belief that they are not bound by our nation’s laws?

That laziness pushed Obama to use his executive order pen to bypass Congress during his second term. I hope the lefties enjoy Trump’s EO pen just as much as they did Obama’s. The left set the precedent.

There is one area, however, where the left has proven very prolific at lawmaking. Let’s call them thought-crimes. Conservatives want to maximize freedom while still maintaining a society based on politeness and decency, which is why they focus on laws that punish people for harming other people or causing damage to the property of others.

Once again we need only look at the huge number of violent crimes committed against American citizens by illegal aliens to understand this. Leftists just don’t care. The reason they don’t care is that enforcing these particular laws would inhibit implementation of their Marxist agenda.

Look at the laws they do want enforced, however. It wasn’t that Colorado had a shortage of cake bakers. It was that the homosexual couple wanted to force a Christian baker to violate his religious beliefs by baking them a cake. The state obliged. Thought crimes, the essence of Marxism, which is modern leftism.

Why is there still such strong support for publicly funded abortion by the left? Not only do they not care that the weight of the IRS is used to collect funds from those morally opposed to killing the unborn, but they revel in it being so. They want to force others to act in agreement with them. Thought crimes.

It isn’t only the federal government leftists see as a hammer to enforce their viewpoint across society. Look at “whackademia.” Professors who don’t toe the line on Marxism don’t get hired. Those who were already teaching there are forced out. Tenure was devised precisely to prevent this type of abuse, because colleges and universities were supposed to be bastions of free thought. Now they are bastions of leftist conformity. Thought crimes.

It’s the same in big media. Thought crimes. It’s the same in Hollywood. As the Harvey Weinstein case demonstrates, rape went unpunished for decades. Donate your body and mind to the Marxists, and you’ll do just fine.

Why are thought crimes important? Ask Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft and the rest of big tech why thought crimes are their biggest concern. Or ask the police in once-great Britain. Why do they have the time to track down people who post the wrong thoughts on social media, while rape gangs destroy the lives of children in their midst?

Have a complaint? That’s what show trials and Muslim prisons are for. Ask Tommy Robinson about thought crimes and questioning officialdom.

What a disgusting, dangerous and disgraceful world the left has produced! As the Department of Justice inspector general’s report indicates, they sought to use their power to prevent a Trump victory in 2016. When that proved impossible, they used the FBI to set the incoming president up for destruction.

There is only one solution to Marxism and modern American leftism (one and the same thing). The rest of us must make very sure that the left, no matter what it is calling itself at the time, never regains power. Never again.

Where are the world’s thought-crime fanatics going next? “Earth’s Final Kingdom.” Here … soon.

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